Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Saturday is fast approaching!

Oh boy! oh boy!! OH BOY!!! I can't wait for Saturday's National Scrapbook DAY - Its scrapbooking happenings all over QVC, youtube, blogs, craft stores, everywhere! I love all the hoop-la involved and will be all over the internet doing my blog hops! :)
Check out this invitation at
The Pi(nk Stamper!
WHEN: Next Saturday, May 2nd from 10:00am - 4:00pm CST
And, lastly...

So, one of the things on my list of things to do for this past weekend was to do something to 'please my honey'.... hmmm .. well I decided to make a nice juicy pot roast dinner for him on Sunday afternoon. oooh, geez. well darn roast didn't turn out good. i still don't know why. my poor honey! he was sweet about it and ate some. gotta love that man :) So my 'please my honey' still needs to be done .. AND I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO COOK A DECENT SUNDAY POT ROAST DINNER.

Have a great rest of the week,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Creative Share

This afternoon I was watching the Pink Stamper making a Cherry Card "" and her video made me want to make a card! She's one of my favorites! So here's a couple of cards I made :)

I used my new Cricut (still figuring out the basics *sigh*) and my recently purchased "Friendly Forest" by Colorbox paper (Michael's). This paper is the cutest. I love it.

Ok, so, I LIKE SIMPLE! Not too much sitting time or time away from the kiddo's (gotta keep my eye balls on those little rascals! The boys notice too when I've spent alot of time at the 'table' too ! :)

So get them scraps out, or new papers and do a quick card! :)

:) with a grin, have a great day

Books Books Books

ok.. we have way too many kids books! I really love having alot of books. I like seeing them on my night stand, on the boys night stands, stacked on the floor next to the beds, on the shelves, next to the shelves, etc. One of my favorite times is snuggling up with the kiddo's in the bed and reading a few books before bed time.

one of the kids bookshelves:

another bookshelf:

I need to figure out who to give the 'younger' books too (family, donation, something). I need to do the 'out with the old - in with the new' purge so I can buy more age appropriate books. :) *sigh* I wish I could keep all of them ... a huge library to fill the walls would be dreamy.

T gave me this beautiful rose he picked from the garden... while I was brushing my teeth! :)

I game him the biggest squeeze and tried not to get toothpaste all over him. What a cutie pie and so loveable.... hmm HE's dreamy. HE needs a NEW book! ha.

And lastly, I found this simple 'Friend to Friend' stamp at Michael's for $1! I love it... simple, pretty and the font is too neat. I'm going to put little gems inside the flowers when I use it.

Hey - enjoy your week ... and wash your hands .. alot ;) stay healthy.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lego in process!

My oldest boy loves lego's. LOVES lego's. I love that HE loves lego's!
I enjoy when he's in the middle of one of his lego projects and just has to share with me what he's put together so far. Here's a pict of something he's building. He's excited about it.
its grey, star wars, its been on his list of things to do, it's almost done? I don't know? :)

It's a perfect day (70ish degrees, breezy) to be outside but he wanted to get started on this lego first. Just heard him go out to ride his bike... yep, he's out there :) (computer room window overlooks the yard) I gotta go check on him and his brother now. I've been sitting here on the computer for too long! Time for me to get some sunshine and join in on the fun :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Wish List

I was reading one of my favorite blogs "" (Apr. 24th)
and she posted her 'wish list' of things she wants, not things she needs :)
It was fun looking at all the pretty things she had on her wish list, shoes, clothes, fun stuff. Cute! It shows her fun personality. So I put together my own little wish / want list and had a kick putting it together!
Want ! want ! Wwwwwwant!!

See the picts below:

Fossil Crossover Bag- I love the flower pattern with the natural color of the leather --OOh so pretty and its reasonable $98.00! Theres a matching wallet that looks like a must have too! functional and pretty. Can't get better than that! I'm a comfort and function girl :)

And next, look at these Aquamarine & Diamond Earrings!! Wow stunning - I love 'em. These I found at Costco (yep I'm a costco shopper :) !) for $499.99.

And lastly, The Minibox : Vanilla Beadboard $795.00. That's way too much to spend! I would feel happier if my honey built me something sorta like it!

Ok- tag your next. Share whats on your wish list :)
Off to make some breakfast for all... I'm thinking easy like waffles!

Enjoy your day :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

My plan for the weekend

My plan for the weekend:
- do something sweet for my honey
- play, play with the kids
- a 'little' house work
- get out pretty new embellishments and pictures and scrap :)

enjoy YOUR weekend !

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Mommy ! Stop the Car!"

Don't ya just love it when the kids are right?

yep, driving home from santa barbara the boys begged me to pull-over so they could take a walk on the beach. I'm so glad I listened.

It was late afternoon and too cold to play in the water (thank goodness - no change of clothing) but they had plenty fun trying to push each other off the log. :)

We stayed for only 20 minutes, but I gotta say, it was quality time.. I got to wiggle my toes in the sand! AND I am tickled that MY BOYS love the beach as much as I do! whew!

You get out and enjoy some treats too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend Get Away with Mom

This weekend my mother and I went to go visit my sister in Bakersfield. She's in the process of buying a house so we went up to go see what she bought :) Cute place, just right for her and I think what I loved about it the most was it makes my sister so happy. She loves it.

So, what I really want to share is this old Wool Worths building in downtown Bakersfield that my sister took us to. We had to kill some time waiting for the realtor to become available. Anyways, I'm not much for antique shopping BUT I had the best time ever! O my goodness, from the time I walked in to the time we left I loved looking at everything.

There was so much to see and buy. We were less than half way through the store when the realtor called and was waiting to show us the house. ugh. So as my sister made a mad dash to pay for her finds/goodies and made a mad dash down the last aisle on the first floor. my eyeballs took in as much as I could. I walked out of the store not getting anything! I thought I would have had time to go back and pick-up the trinkets I seen..but nope.. I lost track of where they were and went away empty handed!

I didn't whine too much.. I didn't want my sister to think I wasn't interested in seeing her house.

Next time I will be better prepared for the woolworths building! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter & turning another year older

My birthday was on Easter this year! I never remember my birthday falling on Easter..

O I loved it .. all my family was together, the egg hunt for the kids went really good, there was ice cream cake and a singing. 60 eggs were hidden, and all but 1 egg was not found. (I'm sure my Dad will find it sometime this year doing his yard work-wink). My boys, M and T, found enough eggs and ate too many choc hersey eggs and jelly beans. My favorite part of the day was right before I blew out my candles I looked around and felt warm and special. :)

below are some pictures of coloring eggs, the Easter gathering, flowers from my father's garden, kids, pets, .... etc.

enjoy your day!

coloring eggs and hands

Easter Egg Hunt Complete for 2009

Pets and flowers in my father's garden

Friday, April 10, 2009

weekend is here!

OK! Guess who went to dinner with us tonite at Outback?

T did! not a romantic dinner for 2 but a family dinner for 3 please :0)
It was a good dinner, yummy food, relaxing chat with honey.
Have a happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Excited to have color splash (photos)

Remember our trip to home depot last weekend to shop for plants? Well here's the results in our yard:

On Sunday, my sweet husband planted some of the plants we bought (bought too many and couldn't plant them all in one day-oops) . and i have to say, i was so excited to go out to the front and just look at the colors of the flowers. the flowers are simple, unexpensive and beautiful. i had to take a few picts of them the next morning. the sun, dew and freshness of the plants made me feel so good. i love my guy. he had to move sprinklers around and prepare the soil for the new plants. so our little stop by the home depot to pick up a few plants turned out to be a big effort to get into the ground, costly and most importantly - a sweet pleasure at enjoying the colors of petals! Now, time for me to figure out how to spoil the husband!

Below are a few picts of what i'm talking about and I encourage everyone to find a flower, set your camera to macro and shoot it! it may sound silly all this chat about pretty flowers but geez LOOK at 'em!

1st pict is right outside the front door. this simple pretty pink daisy plant is strategically place so i can see it alot. come on little plant GROW ! !
and the dew resting on the petals is always so neat to see.

oh so pretty...

And here's T's plant that he picked out all by himself and told me I must have it. he lugged this plant around until time to pay for it. He just wanted to make sure it was bought. now when i see his flowers in our garden it makes my heart swim with love! This is my favorite flowering plant in the garden!

and lastly, Me, driving away happily!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

scrapbooking Style

I can't figure out what my scrapbooking /craft style is yet!
I am all over the place on the type of products I like.
there are toooo many pretty things out there. i browse through all the websites like, twopeasinabucket, etc and i just love the variety and different styles. i buy products that i simply just love and then some. heidi swapp... this product is sooo pretty. its not really my style.. i dont' think anyways. but i still find myself buying some.

tonite is an easy nite at home so i plan on doing one layout. :) i smile to think of what i will be using in my little creation.

enjoy the nite!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Roller Coaster Riders

we recently went to Knott's Berry Farms. i hadn't been there in years. (over 20 yrs)
it was so pretty, not crowded and the weather was perfect. I felt so lucky.

What I learned:
1 - i discovered my little boys LOVE roller coaster rides! no matter how big, speed, loops etc. As long as they made the height requirements - it was a GO! B and I took turns going on the rides with M.
2 - We learned something new about ourselves.. we aren't as young as we used to be :)

YEP!!!! In the pict below: There's my son - the ONLY ONE with his hands straight-up in the air! Daddy sitting next to him. Thank you B for doing this ride with him. I was fried already at this point of the day. that ride was 'wicked' fun. its called the Ghost Rider at Knott's.

On our drive home we drove by the most used in 'car commercial' rocks - pt mugu. minus the bugs on the windshield, its always a neat drive. Have a happy week.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

scrapping mini's to share

here's a couple of mini scrapbooks i had a lot of fun making.

********* 1st Mini to share **********

i was inspired by the fabulous Marion at "A Piece Of". Her projects rock! Her envelope mini was so cool that I just had to make one. so off i went gathering junk mail envelopes :)
i see other peoples work spaces and i think.. 'oh how beautiful!'

then i see my work space and i think.. 'oh i like it' - I like to see it right there ready!

********* 2nd Mini to share **********

Mini albums are the cutest things ever!! and one of my favorite things to do!

Flower Shopping & baseball

i love shopping for flowers! love the colors, shapes, smells!

But first, we had a M's baseball game. pretty day for it. T took my camera and took a couple of picts. He got one of me (sorta) and his dad. He's a giggle when he takes photos. I get a little nervous when he's walkin around with my camera.
me try to tell him not to touch the len's!

Dad being told to smile while he's trying to coach.

T's photo's are always interesting.

Ah, then we hit the local home depot to get mommy some new flower's for the front garden! yeeee! Loads of fun.. too many pretty flowers AND so difficult to choose. I don't read the labels as I should, I can't help but just pick the ones that call to me.. there soooo pretty!
2 minutes after arrival and my cart is already getting loaded..
T eventually had to stand.

Oh my gosh - aren't these just beautiful?! So big, yellow and brillant.

M was super helpful! B had difficult time choosing plants too! :)

I wanted these pretty's but I refrained. hmmm I should get them. ugh. not sure how much they were. spent too much already.

it was a fun day!