Monday, April 27, 2009

Books Books Books

ok.. we have way too many kids books! I really love having alot of books. I like seeing them on my night stand, on the boys night stands, stacked on the floor next to the beds, on the shelves, next to the shelves, etc. One of my favorite times is snuggling up with the kiddo's in the bed and reading a few books before bed time.

one of the kids bookshelves:

another bookshelf:

I need to figure out who to give the 'younger' books too (family, donation, something). I need to do the 'out with the old - in with the new' purge so I can buy more age appropriate books. :) *sigh* I wish I could keep all of them ... a huge library to fill the walls would be dreamy.

T gave me this beautiful rose he picked from the garden... while I was brushing my teeth! :)

I game him the biggest squeeze and tried not to get toothpaste all over him. What a cutie pie and so loveable.... hmm HE's dreamy. HE needs a NEW book! ha.

And lastly, I found this simple 'Friend to Friend' stamp at Michael's for $1! I love it... simple, pretty and the font is too neat. I'm going to put little gems inside the flowers when I use it.

Hey - enjoy your week ... and wash your hands .. alot ;) stay healthy.

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