Thursday, April 9, 2009

Excited to have color splash (photos)

Remember our trip to home depot last weekend to shop for plants? Well here's the results in our yard:

On Sunday, my sweet husband planted some of the plants we bought (bought too many and couldn't plant them all in one day-oops) . and i have to say, i was so excited to go out to the front and just look at the colors of the flowers. the flowers are simple, unexpensive and beautiful. i had to take a few picts of them the next morning. the sun, dew and freshness of the plants made me feel so good. i love my guy. he had to move sprinklers around and prepare the soil for the new plants. so our little stop by the home depot to pick up a few plants turned out to be a big effort to get into the ground, costly and most importantly - a sweet pleasure at enjoying the colors of petals! Now, time for me to figure out how to spoil the husband!

Below are a few picts of what i'm talking about and I encourage everyone to find a flower, set your camera to macro and shoot it! it may sound silly all this chat about pretty flowers but geez LOOK at 'em!

1st pict is right outside the front door. this simple pretty pink daisy plant is strategically place so i can see it alot. come on little plant GROW ! !
and the dew resting on the petals is always so neat to see.

oh so pretty...

And here's T's plant that he picked out all by himself and told me I must have it. he lugged this plant around until time to pay for it. He just wanted to make sure it was bought. now when i see his flowers in our garden it makes my heart swim with love! This is my favorite flowering plant in the garden!

and lastly, Me, driving away happily!

Enjoy your day!

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