Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flower Shopping & baseball

i love shopping for flowers! love the colors, shapes, smells!

But first, we had a M's baseball game. pretty day for it. T took my camera and took a couple of picts. He got one of me (sorta) and his dad. He's a giggle when he takes photos. I get a little nervous when he's walkin around with my camera.
me try to tell him not to touch the len's!

Dad being told to smile while he's trying to coach.

T's photo's are always interesting.

Ah, then we hit the local home depot to get mommy some new flower's for the front garden! yeeee! Loads of fun.. too many pretty flowers AND so difficult to choose. I don't read the labels as I should, I can't help but just pick the ones that call to me.. there soooo pretty!
2 minutes after arrival and my cart is already getting loaded..
T eventually had to stand.

Oh my gosh - aren't these just beautiful?! So big, yellow and brillant.

M was super helpful! B had difficult time choosing plants too! :)

I wanted these pretty's but I refrained. hmmm I should get them. ugh. not sure how much they were. spent too much already.

it was a fun day!

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