Sunday, April 5, 2009

Roller Coaster Riders

we recently went to Knott's Berry Farms. i hadn't been there in years. (over 20 yrs)
it was so pretty, not crowded and the weather was perfect. I felt so lucky.

What I learned:
1 - i discovered my little boys LOVE roller coaster rides! no matter how big, speed, loops etc. As long as they made the height requirements - it was a GO! B and I took turns going on the rides with M.
2 - We learned something new about ourselves.. we aren't as young as we used to be :)

YEP!!!! In the pict below: There's my son - the ONLY ONE with his hands straight-up in the air! Daddy sitting next to him. Thank you B for doing this ride with him. I was fried already at this point of the day. that ride was 'wicked' fun. its called the Ghost Rider at Knott's.

On our drive home we drove by the most used in 'car commercial' rocks - pt mugu. minus the bugs on the windshield, its always a neat drive. Have a happy week.

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