Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend Get Away with Mom

This weekend my mother and I went to go visit my sister in Bakersfield. She's in the process of buying a house so we went up to go see what she bought :) Cute place, just right for her and I think what I loved about it the most was it makes my sister so happy. She loves it.

So, what I really want to share is this old Wool Worths building in downtown Bakersfield that my sister took us to. We had to kill some time waiting for the realtor to become available. Anyways, I'm not much for antique shopping BUT I had the best time ever! O my goodness, from the time I walked in to the time we left I loved looking at everything.

There was so much to see and buy. We were less than half way through the store when the realtor called and was waiting to show us the house. ugh. So as my sister made a mad dash to pay for her finds/goodies and made a mad dash down the last aisle on the first floor. my eyeballs took in as much as I could. I walked out of the store not getting anything! I thought I would have had time to go back and pick-up the trinkets I seen..but nope.. I lost track of where they were and went away empty handed!

I didn't whine too much.. I didn't want my sister to think I wasn't interested in seeing her house.

Next time I will be better prepared for the woolworths building! :)

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