Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Wish List

I was reading one of my favorite blogs "" (Apr. 24th)
and she posted her 'wish list' of things she wants, not things she needs :)
It was fun looking at all the pretty things she had on her wish list, shoes, clothes, fun stuff. Cute! It shows her fun personality. So I put together my own little wish / want list and had a kick putting it together!
Want ! want ! Wwwwwwant!!

See the picts below:

Fossil Crossover Bag- I love the flower pattern with the natural color of the leather --OOh so pretty and its reasonable $98.00! Theres a matching wallet that looks like a must have too! functional and pretty. Can't get better than that! I'm a comfort and function girl :)

And next, look at these Aquamarine & Diamond Earrings!! Wow stunning - I love 'em. These I found at Costco (yep I'm a costco shopper :) !) for $499.99.

And lastly, The Minibox : Vanilla Beadboard $795.00. That's way too much to spend! I would feel happier if my honey built me something sorta like it!

Ok- tag your next. Share whats on your wish list :)
Off to make some breakfast for all... I'm thinking easy like waffles!

Enjoy your day :)

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