Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Thursday !

Last nite my son learned how to snorkel ... in OUR TUB with this Lanai Junior Mask and Snorkel Combo set I bought at Costco this weekend:

It was such a hoot to see him in the tub learning how to breathe and blow !! :) This is definately a Mommy's silly-simple pleasure! At the end of his 'session' he stood up and proclaimed "I'm ready for Hawaii!"

and another thing I'm super EXCITED about:

I've joined the best mini club ever and have been spending time getting to know all the ladies. We're having a super time trying to come up with a club name, sharing picts of our mini's, etc. But the most fun is going to each other's blogs and getting to know them ;) Super F.U.N. :)

and .. we have a really neat group of talented ladies! I'm really looking forward to learning from them, laughing with them and sharing with them :) Today I will continue on working on my mini for the exchange!

Hope you and yours are having a great week!

with a grin,