Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Tuesday

It's Tuesday - ALREADY!?

gosh, the weekend was so fun - outta town visitors, yummy bbq's, outlet mall shopping .. I just .. I just.. want the weekend to be here again :) !

Here's a few pictures I took at my folks house during Saturday's of the BBQs *sigh*

-----> 2 grill masters + great yummy food = super BBQ!

beef kabobs ... yeah... :)
and my favorite garden picture from the weekend. My dad's garden is so beautiful and filled with blooming flowers. I always end up getting on the ground with my camera trying to capture simple pleasures!

and... lastly.. two things: the grandkids favorite spot in the garden and the bedroom of 'Poppy' (the parrot). Poppy was high up in the lemon tree during the bbq watching all of us with that ONE eyeball. He's so funny!

Enjoy the rest of your week... and simple pleasures :)


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