Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Awe ... I Am

Have you ever noticed how the 'youngsters' take to any that is electronic and can master it with in minutes? Well, I have. MY little boys pick up a new electronic gadget or toy and within half an hour they pretty much know how it works. I am always amazed how quickly they 'get it'.

NOT me! I used to think I would never loose the 'edge' on staying on top of new gadgets or electronics. I used to think I was pretty clever and fast at figuring these things out. NOW I 'know' how wrong I was - AND I'm good with that. Ha -no more unnecessary struggles.
But my sister (see pict below) still likes to figure out new electronic toys, gadgets, whatever pretty quick. :) I admire her for 'trying' to stay on top with technology!

below is my oldest son teaching my older sister how to play a game on his DS. It was fun to watch him explain in terms 'she would understand' :) heee super cute!
It's not at all easy.. kids make it look so simple.. my brain is still wired for the 80's crap.

Here's a pretty neat pict I took at my folks house one afternoon as I played with my camera. I'm still learning about my camera and best ways to take photos. *sigh* But I'm pleased with the below one.. turned out neat. Just not quite sure how !? :)

Hope you all are having a great week!
steffo ;)