Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ladie's We're Lucky!

A couple of weekends ago my mother and I were up in Bakersfield visiting my sister and she took us to downstown to do a little antique shopping. And don't you just know it, I get home and wish I would have bought that pretty nick nak that I was eye balling. Ugh! I wanted that yellow candy dish on the second shelf in the middle - hard to see .. but gosh it was so pretty!

But what I wanted to share today are a couple of pictures I took during our afternoon shopping
One thing that really struck me while we were strolling through all the antiques was "oh my goodness we have come a long way!" Below is a picture of an old washing machine ..??? that's what my mother said it was! I doesn't LOOK like a washing machine!

If you want to go back to yester year and walk down memory lane.. do a quick little walk through a local antique store. You'll have a great time just seeing all the things you grew up with or owned a long time ago. My mother, sister and I were laughing and constantly picking things up with "wow! remember we had one of these?"

then I saw this cute buggy. I can just imagine long ago when it was new how pretty it must have been and what little bundle of joy was strolled around in this buggy. Now just looking at the picture, I feel like sneezing! :)

stay well, wash them hands of yours!

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