Friday, May 22, 2009

Love-Love Fridays!!

Oh, my gosh - I am so looking forward to this weekend!! Here's my mini list of things I WANT to do and will ATTEMPT to do but I'll see how things go. I'm not sure what my honey's plans/ideas are yet. :)

- tomorrow morning - I might (just might) try to sleep in til 7:30 ;)

- great yummy BBQs planned for Sunday & Monday to celebrate the holiday

- I plan on taking my honey (somewhere/anywhere) just the two of us for a couple of hours :)

- and play and play with the two kiddo's. Try to keep them from climbing high things (see pict below!)

- I get to start on a new mini album this weekend!! The planning of the mini's are just as much fun as doing them! Sometimes I overwhelm myself with pulling out too many 'gotta-use this and this' things.. hmmm.

Looking out the window right now - it looks a little gloomy & overcast.. that's OK with me! It's going to be a great long weekend!

***** View from my Computer Room *****
That's my oldest son in the little twiggy tree... Of course as soon as I seen him I yelled out the window for him to 'PLEASE GET DOWN!!!!'

Have a fabulous holiday weekend! Enjoy ;)

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