Friday, May 8, 2009

A Mother's Day Gift

Oh my goodnes, today was really special to me :)

My boys got home from school and had made me Mother's Day presents. I don't know about anyone else but I love anything they make me. Here's some photo's of my treasures.. I'm so lucky and giddy with smiles.

I'm going to put my earrings, that I wore for the day, into this pretty handmade bowl (made by my oldest son). I'm going to put it on my night stand and it is perfect!

and the beautifully decorated gift bag my new bowl came in. This is a treasure in itself too. hearts, sunshine, colorful, just so sweet!

My little fella 'T' gave me the cutest silhouette of himself and a 'self portrait' - really turned out so cute! They are both now hanging in my bedroom next to my bed! I'm so lucky!

Aw.. and I can't leave out the pict of my honey sitting next to me with the big parrot hanging out on his shoulder...eye balling me.. that bird! 'Poppy' the parrot is so funny.. it only likes men to handle him/her. Still not sure of the sex of the bird. These picts were taken at my folks this afternoon. It was such a pretty day.

enjoy the weekend, happy Mommy's Day!

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