Monday, June 29, 2009

GGS JULY Kit Arrival!

Man it's super fun checking the mailbox now!! heee..
Before... I NEVER checked the mail (my honey always did) AND NOW... I race to get the mail before he does! You see, now, I get some pretty neat goodies in the mail.. 2 Peas sale items (Binderie), stuff, Marion's GGS KITS, "AHHH.. MY NEW ATG GUN (Amazon)"... etc!! yikes!

and here's a pict of what came in today's mail (

My GGS July Mini Album kit from Marion at A Piece of!!

really pretty colors, embellies, papers, fibers, chipboards.. oh my!

This kit is super pretty - I'm really happy because this kit has the flower chipboard that I LOVE LOVE!

and Hey, GGS gals "What do you LOVE LOVE about your kit?"

with a mailbox grin,

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Random Post - simple things I'm lovin'

I love 'em! My two little fella's (boys, kiddo's) made me smile SO big yesterday ...

My husband and I were outside doing the front yard work WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN my youngest son asked if he could trim the bushes! Ok.. wow.. he is usually a 'helper' but never before has asked to do the big tools job! eeeh.. "Ok." :) (with a cautions eye)
and.. he did great! sooo good that my older son came over and grabbed some pruners to help trim too! super cute! (to ME)
AND THEN.. My husband joined in too and finished off the job with the electronic shears!! All 3 of them at the same time.. on one hedge! gotta say.. I ran for my camera! (wink)

It's simple things like this that tickle me...

and I had to take a pict of a flower... love taking pictures of flower - super PRETTY up close!!
I'm also sharing some picts that show how I have turned into a 'HANDS ON MOMMY'!

I hold things that I thought I'D NEVER EVER EVER TOUCH.. little creatures like gecko's & sea crabs (Hawaii trip), sea cucumbers, lizards, bugs, etc. .. are given to me to hold like its A PRIZE. So I do. And they are all PRIZES :) AND there are some things that are seriously "NO WAY-not holding that!" but not many.

SO, SUMMER IS HERE and I'm taking it all in and wow... alot of simple pleasures everywhere!
Hope your summer is going great too! Please leave a comment and share some stories of what you and yours are up to!

with a summery grin,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

GGS July Mini Album Share!

Hi Everyone !! I'm super excited to share my July Mini Album for the GGS Kit club! (put on by Marion at ""). The club is going into its 2nd month and its super FUN! The June kit was awesome and I'm still waiting to receive my July kit. Other's have already received their kits and LOVE it!!... So I am waiting patiently *sigh*

I made this July mini from some super pretty paper I found the other day at Big Lots. The paper is "AC Pattern Paper ~ A La Carte" 12x12 paper box with the prettiest bold prints E.V.E.R! lol. Anyways, here's my mini album -titled "JOY" & it was just that.. a joy to make. Ah, simple pleasures in life.. got to love 'em! (or if you don't have time to watch a video --> see picts below!)

*** Please leave me a comment so I know how I'm doing... Thanks! ***

And... boy o boy!! I have I learned alot already from all the GGS gals ! -- go check out their blogs!!

with a grin,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Haul Share

I used a Basic Grey's Tie Back for the first time on a mini and I love how it looks - so I went back to Big Lots to go get some more! Then I really got excited when I found some paper that I've been eyeballing for awhile - SUPER HAPPY for 8$!!! I've decided that this is the paper I'm using on my next 'gift' mini album for the JULY GGS Club :) <-- awesome club by the way.. go check 'em out!

So, here's my haul video of random scrapbooking stuff I picked up:

Please leave a comment and share what you've been finding/buying/wanting/NEEDING!! :)

with a Thurs. grin,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today's share

I saw this list on Angela's blog (she's a GGS Gal too!) @ and thought it would be fun to share too! So take a copy and post to your blog! thanks Angela :)

Outside my window... a orange tree with lots of bud's.

I am thinking... i gotta try to get to bed early tonite so my internal time clock with get re-adjusted back to California time!

I am thankful for... my sweet family & for lifes little pleasures!

From the kitchen... Chicken Divan - two casserole's (husbands w/green chili and the other plain for the kids)

I am wearing... plain brown short sleeved blouse (Kohl's) and calvin klein green shorts (old).

I am creating... a special VIP project :)

I am going... to go unpack what I bought today at Michael's and Big Lots. i had shopping withdrawls and tried not to spend $$. I was somewhat sucessful. I plan on uploading a haul video soon.

I am reading... Paper Craft Magazine

I am hoping... tomorrow I will be coherent for work.

I am hearing... my little boy play his lego batman ds game.

Around the house... luggage sitting in the livingroom still that I need to put away.

One of my favorite things... coffee dates w/honey, laughing w/my boys, completing a scrapbooking project!

A few plans for the rest of the week... do a video haul, finish a VIP project, start a monopoly game and play it each nite with the boys, post office visit, hmm so much to do...

A picture to share...

Riding the elevator UP and UP... lol
Hope you enjoyed! Take a copy of the list and share!! :) It's fun!

with a silly grin,

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm going to dislike having to leave

Our trips been "super great"... hmm those words just don't seem to say it!
Super great because:

- our boys experienced the swimming on a beautiful warm beach
- my honey smiled so much this vacation, seemed to truly relax, had his favorite fish dish, etc.
- everyone in Kauai is so friendly... no bad mean people
- Matt boogie boarded for the first time, caught a ugly crab, geko, etc..
- Tyler body surfed for the first time, chased chickens, loved his floaty bed, pool, etc.
- I loved walking back to our room everyday with sand stuck to my feet!
- so many beautiful memories, so many cherish, all appreciated!

with a final Aloha grin,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There are NO sCRAPbook Stores here

I'm in NO WAY COMPLAINing.. and I'm not surprised that theres no scrapbook stores on this island :) ... but I did have to LOOK to see if one existed !! :) LOL!.. JUST in case.

After dinner at Duke's - walk on the beach last nite.

with a 'aloha' grin,

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Never Thought I'd Be So Excited to Get THIS!!

Oh.. I was totally pushed over the edge.."the scrapbooking adhesive edge" a couple of weeks ago..when I had ran out of adhesive (so fast, again..ugh)... So LOOK WHAT I DID!! i NEVER knew I would ever get so excited about a TAPE GUN!! HELLO! Wait til my husband sees it.. lol. love it!!

*********** MY BEAUTIFUL ATG 700 *********

I'm super excited.. and I'll have to wait a whole week BEFORE I CAN PLAY WITH IT!! *sigh*
I'll be on a mini vacation with the honey and the boys!

Ok, I just had to share.. its a simple, silly pleasure :) Have a great week!

with a super grin,

Sunday, June 14, 2009

GGS June Mini Album Share

Ok... I love the GGS mini album club I joined that Marion at A Piece of Craft put together. (Girl's Gone Scrappy) I'm learning so much. The June Mini Album Kit was loaded with some great stuff.. and I had some serious fun getting dirty with inks, distressing, etc. I also realized there is a certain finesse to working with grunge board!! I need to take a Tim Holtz class :) Also, the club has already grown bigger (more opportunity to learn more) and I'm so lucky I have a spot in the club.

So here's my GGS June Mini Album ... I wanted to share what I used (and how I used) my GGS June Mini Album KIT to make my mini album. So looking forward to seeing all the GGS mini's too. We've got alot of talent in our club! Thanks again Marion! :) (No time to watch video - see below for picts only)


****Please leave me a comment so I know how I'm doing!! thanks :) ****

when you get a chance... please share how you are doing on your June Mini album!!??
with a grin,


Saturday, June 13, 2009

T-Ball Game & A Piece of Craft Mini Album Prize Share

I have 2 things to I'm so excited to share about today:

#1 - Today was great fun for me!! I got to enjoy watching my littlest one play T-Ball for the first time :) *simple pleasures in life* He was a little nervous but wacked the ball as hard as his little arms could when he was up to bat *sigh* So cute when they're this age. I love being a mommy!

This is what I will be spending the next few saturday's doing.. !!

AND.... #2: Here's a share of what I received in my mail today!! :)

SUPER EXCITED TO SHARE what I received from Marion at "A PIECE OF" !!

This is the prize MINI Album Marion made that I won on her website!! It's really super cute.. the pictures just don't do it justice :) I might not have these photos in order.. but just wanted to do a quick share. I'm not worthy - I'M NOT WORTH!! Thank you Marion! :)

Again - thank you Marion - I know you already have pictures of it on your site but I just had to take more!! LOL - I'm super happy!!

- Back Cover -

So I plan on making this my 'Inspiration' Mini! :) Filling it up with goodies about my scrapbooking.

Have a great weekend!

with a silly happy thankful grin,

Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Scrapbooking Haul Share

I was reading on a blog somewhere this past week and seen a post on some deals to be made at Big Lots. And yesterday I found I had 3o minutes to spare and so I went and checked it out. I didn't intend on buying anything.. but look what I found for $2.00!! :)

*** AND ***

I'm super excited because today is the LAST DAY of school for my kiddos!! Time to start preparing for our little get-away! :)

**** This is my honey in mid-air at the end of year school picnic (he's such a trooper!!) ****

This also means I will have more time to do some relaxing scrapbooking :) !! Sometime later today I will be working on my GGS June Mini album and I'm so looking forward to some creative (soothing) time.

Have a great weekend!!

with a grin,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GGS Logo

Hi Everyone! Happy 'almost' the end of the week :)

Today over at the GGS Blog several of the GGS gals are working on ideas/suggestions for the GGS logo, blinkies, etc. So I thought I'd give it a try too! Please leave comments :)

Here's my shot at it a GGS Header:

Here's my shot at the GGS Logo:

Is it too shabby chic? Is it too boring? dull? Oh well, its always fun to try to contribute.. makes me feel like I'm doing my part too! Marion is SO SUPER BUSY!

with a grin,

Monday, June 8, 2009

GGS June Mini Album Posting

I'm pleased & happy - Today I finished my mini album for the GGS club (Girls Gone Scrappy). Lately I've been super busy and have had almost zero time to be creative and work on my mini's, scrapbook pages, etc. But today I was home -- all day long! So I learned how to use my Lego Batman cape and fly (my son's wanted me to play his video game with him..) and I completed my June mini album :) I also did a quick 'show n tell' video on my mini so I could show what I've learned from the GGS blogs and Marion! The GGS gal's have great talent & techniques :)

Here's some picture to share:

*** Front Cover ***

*** inside pg1 & 2 ***

*** envelope pocket pg 2 ***

*** inside pg3 ***

*** inside pg4 ***

*** inside pg5 ***

*** inside pg6 ***

*** inside pg7 ***

*** inside pg8 ***

*** back cover ***Have a creatively happy week!

with a grin,

Happy Merry Monday!

Merry?!! yes, I'm off all day today!! home resting with my youngest son. He and I are going to 'do lunch' and have some quality time :) *sigh* simple pleasures....


Later today I plan on posting picts of the mini album I've been working on for the GGS club swap! I'm super excited to share (a little shy--'cause lets face it... man o man... the club is filled with some fabulously creative ladies!!)

I still consider myself a newbie to scrapbooking and I'm having a great time trying new techniques that I'm learning from all the GGS blogs and of course Marion's

Sending warm grins your way,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Girl's Gone Scrappy Mini Album Kit for June (Tim Holtz)

Ok.. so I checked the mail twice today!!?? I know, I know.. not very patient but anyways MY MINI ALBUM KIT arrived!!! :) I'm super excited ....

Thank you Marion! Great June Kit :) I thought it would be great fun to share the opening of the our first GGS Kit together. So let's get started.

*** SPOILER Warning: Hey, all you Girl's Gone Scrappy Club Members ***

If you want to be surprised when you open YOUR OWN KITS, please do not watch the below video!

Go over to Marion's to see how she put this fabulous kit together.

with a grin,

Happy Saturday

Hi everyone, hope your all doing great and and enjoying your Saturday! I'm taking it real easy today and just waiting for my package to arrive from Marion "A Piece of Craft". Take a look-see at her site for some fabulous scrapbooking videos! She just upload a new video today!!!

I'm working on my mini-share album for one of the Girl's Gone Scrappy (such a fun name!!) club members and wanted to share a 'before' picture. These are some of the papers & embellies I'm using. I absolutely love the birdy's on the BasicGrey Urban Prairie/meadow paper!!

I'm having fun putting this one together.. its gonna be exciting to get it into the mail to ship out! So... anyways, I'll be posting pictures of the finished mini-share album 'pretty soon'! :)


I posted another YouTube video of my recent "random Tuesday Morning Scrapbooking finds". Have fun checking it out :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Scrap Space Share

I recently joined the funnest Mini Album Club (Marion at a Piece of Craft put together) and we've named it "Girls Gone Scrappy". Several of the gal's have been posting pictures of their work spaces (super fun). So here I am posting a photo of my scrap space (*sigh*). I started with the intentions of keeping my scrap space small and organized. HA! I can't stop going to Michael's (that darn 40% coupon I just won't waste!!), buying stuff at Peachy Cheap, Joanne's, internet shopping.. EEEEE my poor husband. He just looks at me wide eyed when he see's me walk in with another Michael's bag!

Well - I'm just hooked! and I absolutely love it! I'm anything but organized and it's growing and growing. So my work space will continue to evolve into .. oh gawd I don't know??!! perhaps my own scrap room!!?? (ooh this gives me big grins)

So, I hope you are enjoying your scrap space... big, small, packed, simple, whatever! :) And, please post a comment on any space saving techniques, organizing techniques, etc.

with a grin,

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Man O Man.. have you ever made chocolate covered strawberries?

I haven't made them but it's one of my husbands fun little treats he likes to make. This weekend he bought the biggest strawberries he could find and made these below:

The neighbor gave him a new tip: add a little crisco to the melting chocolate to make it more smooth and creamy. So he did and added a little bit too much and the chocolate ended up tasting like CRISCO. So this whole batch went into the trash bin. MY poor honey.

I'm gonna go get him some more strawberries this weekend!

Have a great week!

with a grin,

Monday, June 1, 2009


this weekend was ... a devasting weekend I will never forget. My best friend who is one of the most loving, giving people I know, tragically lost her 22yr old son. Her words will forever ring in my ears, her agony in her eyes I will never recover from. I..... just .... have no words.

love your husband, spoil your children, be good to yourselves.