Monday, June 15, 2009

I Never Thought I'd Be So Excited to Get THIS!!

Oh.. I was totally pushed over the edge.."the scrapbooking adhesive edge" a couple of weeks ago..when I had ran out of adhesive (so fast, again..ugh)... So LOOK WHAT I DID!! i NEVER knew I would ever get so excited about a TAPE GUN!! HELLO! Wait til my husband sees it.. lol. love it!!

*********** MY BEAUTIFUL ATG 700 *********

I'm super excited.. and I'll have to wait a whole week BEFORE I CAN PLAY WITH IT!! *sigh*
I'll be on a mini vacation with the honey and the boys!

Ok, I just had to share.. its a simple, silly pleasure :) Have a great week!

with a super grin,


  1. woo-hoo! i'll have to wait a lil longer before i can get mine!!! sigh! but how did you decide for the 700 over the 714?

    <3 smooches!

  2. I don't have one, but I'm seriously considering it! Have fun playing with your new toy!!!


  3. Hey Steffogal1 :), so happy for you. I ordered mine too, but its the 714 from together with the Bosskut Gazelle. Hope they arrive this Friday. Have a wonderful holiday/trip.

  4. Congrats on your new toy! I received mine a little over a week ago and I love it!!! I, too, had a frustrating day where I ran out of adhesive AGAIN. I think it is funny how our "Newbie" experiences are so close!

    I got my ATG 714 at They have great deals on both the guna nd the tape. I have already gone through 2 rolls!

    Enjoy it! I find myself creating more often and faster!

  5. You will love your ATG! I am a lefty and still struggle a bit with it, but oh how I LUV it!

  6. Haha! I don't have a tape gun ... but let us know how it goes! How many feet of tape are in the refills? I use a glue dot runner ... that thing is a monster!

  7. that will be my next buy :) have fun rolling that tape gun on your crafts!

  8. Jessica - tape refills run between 2.75 - $3.50ea. The acid free tape (914?) has 108 feet per roll. That is about 3x more than your average tape runner and 1/2 the price! I love it!

  9. Hi Stephanie! Isn't it the best. I love my ATG gun. I'm so excited for you. You'll have tons of fun using it.

  10. Oh you got the half inch! I like the quarter inch myself but hey awesome now you can have some real fun!!