Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Random Post - simple things I'm lovin'

I love 'em! My two little fella's (boys, kiddo's) made me smile SO big yesterday ...

My husband and I were outside doing the front yard work WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN my youngest son asked if he could trim the bushes! Ok.. wow.. he is usually a 'helper' but never before has asked to do the big tools job! eeeh.. "Ok." :) (with a cautions eye)
and.. he did great! sooo good that my older son came over and grabbed some pruners to help trim too! super cute! (to ME)
AND THEN.. My husband joined in too and finished off the job with the electronic shears!! All 3 of them at the same time.. on one hedge! gotta say.. I ran for my camera! (wink)

It's simple things like this that tickle me...

and I had to take a pict of a flower... love taking pictures of flower - super PRETTY up close!!
I'm also sharing some picts that show how I have turned into a 'HANDS ON MOMMY'!

I hold things that I thought I'D NEVER EVER EVER TOUCH.. little creatures like gecko's & sea crabs (Hawaii trip), sea cucumbers, lizards, bugs, etc. .. are given to me to hold like its A PRIZE. So I do. And they are all PRIZES :) AND there are some things that are seriously "NO WAY-not holding that!" but not many.

SO, SUMMER IS HERE and I'm taking it all in and wow... alot of simple pleasures everywhere!
Hope your summer is going great too! Please leave a comment and share some stories of what you and yours are up to!

with a summery grin,


  1. Cute boys! I love the gross things you are holding! My sister in law has two boys and spends most nice days outside hunting for frogs and playing with bugs. I guess the old saying sbout snails and puppy dog tails holds true!

  2. Those little guys are adorable. Cherish every second, even the ickies............cause they grow quick! I love these pictures. Even those crawly thingys! I love your flowers, I thought I was the only one taking pics of my flowers, especially with "rain/water" drops on them! Such a sweet post!

  3. Ok, I just got a "huge icky blackish fuzzy big, and I mean big.........bee in my face! Going inside!