Saturday, June 13, 2009

T-Ball Game & A Piece of Craft Mini Album Prize Share

I have 2 things to I'm so excited to share about today:

#1 - Today was great fun for me!! I got to enjoy watching my littlest one play T-Ball for the first time :) *simple pleasures in life* He was a little nervous but wacked the ball as hard as his little arms could when he was up to bat *sigh* So cute when they're this age. I love being a mommy!

This is what I will be spending the next few saturday's doing.. !!

AND.... #2: Here's a share of what I received in my mail today!! :)

SUPER EXCITED TO SHARE what I received from Marion at "A PIECE OF" !!

This is the prize MINI Album Marion made that I won on her website!! It's really super cute.. the pictures just don't do it justice :) I might not have these photos in order.. but just wanted to do a quick share. I'm not worthy - I'M NOT WORTH!! Thank you Marion! :)

Again - thank you Marion - I know you already have pictures of it on your site but I just had to take more!! LOL - I'm super happy!!

- Back Cover -

So I plan on making this my 'Inspiration' Mini! :) Filling it up with goodies about my scrapbooking.

Have a great weekend!

with a silly happy thankful grin,


  1. CoNgRaTs Stephanie! Wow Marion, that's such a pretty album. Can't what to see it filled with photos. So happy for you.

  2. This so so so beautiful!!!!! I wow at every page. LOL. I gonna try making 1 like this. Soooo envy.

  3. this album is so lovely and best of all it gives me an idea of how to use swirls, cus i didnt really know how to put them on my album, will def use this idea. thanks for doing suck lovely work, u are true inspiration source :)