Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There are NO sCRAPbook Stores here

I'm in NO WAY COMPLAINing.. and I'm not surprised that theres no scrapbook stores on this island :) ... but I did have to LOOK to see if one existed !! :) LOL!.. JUST in case.

After dinner at Duke's - walk on the beach last nite.

with a 'aloha' grin,


  1. creativelyouttacontrolJune 19, 2009 at 6:32 AM

    I think there's some stores on the main island, Honolulu... because there are thousands of scrappy people from Hawaii. Do like me: I take my stuff with me and when everyone is settled in for the night (in our Hotel) there I am messing with my scrappy goodies!

  2. oooh Creativelyouttacontrol ( love your name)... all I could do to get a touch of being creative.. was buy a scrapbooking magazine. lol
    thank you for the comments - VERY helpful :)

  3. Aloha Stephanie!!! I had to go to your blog to track you down. BTW, this is my second posting here... the first didn't go through, so I hope it doesn't cuz then I'll look like a goof ball--- posting twice. :) Hey, I am going to Kauai in September, so you will have to give me some pointers! I will get you the GGS info today.
    Sending a suntanned hug- Joyce