Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogging, Scrapping & Blog Candy

So this whole thing of having a blog is a fairly new experience for me!

I started a blog because I was inspired by other blog writers ... 

AND THEN, i started uploading and sharing video's to YouTube because I was inspired by other YouTubers...

AND THEN, i went and joined this monthly scrapbooking mini album kit club for the opportunity to get better...

AND THEN, my scrapbooking world got larger and more FUN than I could ever imagine! 

AND THEN, i developed scrapping friendships known to me by their scrappy names/youtube names, etc. And one of these very sweet friends even shared some of her 'not using anymore' stash with me! OMG... so grateful and I hope she loves what I sent her as a thank you!

AND THEN, i won BLOG CANDY! (See my Blog Candy Win)Whoa.. what AMAZING scrapping world that I am discovering - SO SUPER FUN, EXCITING (as you can see on some of my video's) and I have to tell you.. i LOVE it! 

AND NOW, I want to share the scrappy love as a thank you to all the scrapper's who are having as much fun as I am !! So keep posted for my blog candy giveaway! Not sure what, when or how.. but it's going to be fun! :) 

So, I'd love to hear why you started your blog, when you started it and how its evolved for you!! :) so... Please leave a comment and share!

with a grateful grin,

I've learned so much from so many of the fabulously talented scrappy 'experts' out there that I'm giddy with my new 'Addiction'! Yep, addiction. I've read others describing their addiction to scrapping.. and I always thought.. hmmm... how can that be! whoa.. boy o boy was I naive!

Friday, July 24, 2009

with a BIG HUGE Grin!!! GGS July Mini Received

**warning this post is photo heavy **

Today was a great - FABULOUS DAY!! Heee .. in today's mail I received my July Mini from Kathryn @ http://thescrapbeach.blogspot.com/ for the GGS (Girls Gone Scrappy) Club!! And.. I won Tiffany's birthday blog candy!!! whoa.. super lucky day or what!!?? :) Thanks Tiffany!!

Ok.. I was so super excited when I found out I was the recipient of Kathryn's July mini because I've seen her incredibly beautiful & fun projects, mini's, layouts, etc. and She's one of fav's to watch on YouTube (click to go check out here awesome video's)!!
Anyways, she really touched me with this mini because she made a word album using my blog name "With A Grin"!!! So clever & thoughtful of her... and the papers (Sassafras) she used are so pretty, bright, colorful, fun!! It's Just really perfect! So, Kathryn, Thank You so Very Much ~ I can tell you put alot of thought, time & fun into this mini! I absolutely love it and I will cherish it always :)

and.. I just have to post a pict of each page.. cause it's really so pretty the video just doesn't show how super cute it really is!! :) heee

*******************WITH A GRIN COVER *******************

...................... ONE OF MY FAVORITE PAGES

**************** BACK COVER ***************
with a giddy grin,

Thank you Kathryn!! This is going to be the funnest mini for me to fill up EVER!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Envelop Mini Album" Project (DONE!)

Hi :) I'm so super excited!! I just finished my Envelope Mini Album and I love how it turned out.. I made my mini using a whole bunch of my left overs from previous kits and projects :)

The true inspiration for this envelope mini is: I RAN OUT OF TAPE for my ATG gun!! LOL..
So, while I'm waiting (tick.. tick.. tick..) for my adhesive to arrive all I have is my good ol' GLUE STICKS!! AND.. the envelope pockets are really super fun to make with the glue sticks!

So, here's my envelope pocket mini album share! It's filled with flowers, pretty papers, left over embellies, AND SOME MISTAKES that worked out ok.

If you've never tried an envelop mini.. you gotta do it!! Super easy, super fun and super cute!!

with a grin,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Envelop Mini Album" Project (before)

For grins, I thought I'd do a quick share of what I have planned for my next mini!!

I want to try and use up some of my stuff from my 'left-overs scrap' bin and I love, LOVE the envelope pocket cards so that's what I'm doing! I went through my papers first and found the prettiest vintage lady! I'm using this paper as my inspiration for my mini... I'm not sure how or what its going to end up looking like .. vintage .. not vintage .. Anyways, I got my 3 envelopes , glue sticks, scissors, papers, left-over scraps and I'm ready to begin! AND... FYI ..
I learned how to make evelope pockets last year from Marion @ A Piece of Craft.com.

**** A 'before' pict of my envelop mini album ****

**** my inspiration for this mini is this portrait for this lady below ****

**** some of the my planned scrap embellies (from my 'left overs' bin) ****

I'm super excited to get started on this envelope mini!! Whats inspiring you? I enjoy hearing what others are creating .. so leave me a comment !!! Have a safe, healthy, happy & SCRAPPY week! ;)

with a 'Sunday' grin,

Friday, July 17, 2009

"June Bug" (Basic Grey) Mini Album Share

I'm super excited to share my Basic Grey "June Bug" Mini album! The paper collection is really fun with bright, bold colors and has pretty, PRETTY patterns!! The kit was from Craft Craving Chicas - really great kits.. go check them out!! I had so much fun doing this mini and can't wait to journal in it! *** Please leave a comment so I know how I'm doing*** tnx!

I have two super great boys and they love nature.. so I take alot of picts outside. Our outings always have one or both of them saying at one point "Oooh Mommy, take a picture of this bug!" or "ooh Mommy.. your gonna love this flower.. take a picture Mommy!!" AND SO I DO!! :) My husband usually takes a bench or something and waits patiently while I snap away. And SO, these type of photos will fill this little mini. It's so appropriate that the paper is called June Bug! HOW SUPER CUTE!! AND.. so.. this mini is going to be my little pretty "Inspire me with Bugs" mini :) heeee

Whoever would have thought that a mini album on BUGS & FLOWERS could be so stinkin' cute! I bet all you gals who have boys no exactly what I'm talking about :) Meanwhile, all the mommies that have girls get to do some seriously fun shopping with their daughters!! *sigh* but.. I wouldn't change a thing:) I love it and I know I'm blessed.

**********COVER "My boys Inspire Me" ***********
pg. 1 & 2
pg. 3 & 4
pg. 5 & 6
pg. 7 & 8
pg. 9 & 10
pg. 11 & 12
pg. 13 & 14
Back Cover!
man O man.. I didn't realize there were 14 pages!!

AND.. .Thank you to craftcravingchicas for the super pretty kit! :)

Have a great weekend and so looking forward to seeing everyone's projects, videos, hauls, life events, etc!! Enjoy :)

with a grin,


Oh holy moly !!

My ATG gun ran out of adhesive!! ugh... I just recently purchased it and only bought one tape (big mistake)! LOL (... well not really LOL)

I figured tha AFTER I received my ATG (which I can't live w/o now!!) I would take my time and research where to buy the tape -- you know the best deals!! and now, here I am, full panic mode! No tape! So.. I've been sitting at my table just lovin' my gun and using it full blast and whamO! its EMPTY *SIGH* *GASP*!!

So please .. anyone.. if you know the fastest best deal to get tape for ATG guns - please EMAIL ME or POST A COMMENT!!

My initial plan to wait and research has bombed! big time!! :) LOL

with a 'panic' grin,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

He ALWAYS wins & randomNESS

what's new:

- started a new Mini with the June Bug paper .. super fun times :) The paper is AMAZING! (scroll to the bottom of this post to see my "before" picture)
- packaged up a 'gift' to ship out to my friend as a thank you for her 'gift' to me!! heeee I'm still giddy over it :)
- my sister is here for a visit and I learned I can't stay up past midnight anymore chatting !! :)
- my peachy cheap order came in - the 'Bag of Goodies' .. oh my!!
- Oooh and I'm shipping out my July GGS Swap MINI to 'Stacy' -- I hope she likes it :)

whats getting old (real fast):

- My honey ALWAYS wins at Bocce Ball (lawn bowling game we played this weekend)!! he's killing me.. my new goal: practice, practice and WIN before the summer is over!! :)
- and I'm feeling like I NEVER get enough time to play with my scrapping goodies!!

(I was going to take more pictures during our game.. but when my husband showed up.. the game got SERIOUS real fast .. LOL.. so I had to 'conc.e.n.t.r.a.te'!! )

Yep! I'm one of
'those' --- I love taking pictures of FLOWERS :)

a Before picture of the my current mini album project ...
OH!! and Thank you for the awesome kit "http://craftcravingchicas.blogspot.com/

Hope your having a great time too!! Leave a comment and share what you've been up to :)

with a grin,

Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend - BRING IT ON!!

Let the weekend begin!!

.. the last couple of weekends i haven't had much time to scrap! (whiny voice?..NOT..just an ugh fact) :)
.. then the garage got flooded! Alot of work to clean-up! (ugh)
.. then a trip to costco this morning just put me over the TOP! (yep, filled myself out one of them complaint cards and a quick trip to see the store mgr--- which is highly UNUSUAL for me!!)


All I want (need) is a little down time... I want to release some of my stresses by gluing, cutting, just good ol' scrapping & playing with new goodies ..RIGHT NOW !!! no more chores for today.. and none for tomorrow morning either (I sound convincing.. I hope I can) :)

ps. the above pict is the sweetest gift ever from my lovely friend Velma! I'll never be as good as she is..but man o man I'm gonna try! Thank you soooooooo much Velma!!!

Hope everyone's having an awesome and creative weekend!

with a silly grin,

Monday, July 6, 2009

JULY Mini Album Share!

I finished my July Mini Album and I'm super excited to share!! The July Mini Album KIT for the GGS Club was such a 'blast' (in honor of the 4th.. ha) to make! I loved all papers, embellies, large chipboard and especially the shape of the mini album! I ended up using all the paper (actually ran out... had way too much fun using it on everything!) and 90% of the kits embellishments.

This club has been such an inspiration for me!! Heee.. I was already hooked on watching Marion's videos @ A Piece of Craft.com... but these club members are amazing and have PUSHED ME OVER the Inpiration edge! :) In a good way!! Anyways, enjoy my share and I'm way WAY looking forward to seeing everyone else's July Mini Albums!

********** July Mini Album - "My Treasures" Cover *********

***** page1 & 2 *****

***** page 3 & 4 *****

***** page tags *****

***** page 5 & 6 *****

***** page7 & 8 *****

***** page9 & 10 *****

******** Back Cover - With a Grin ********
For the video on this mini:

Have a great week - and Happy Monday!

with a grin,