Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogging, Scrapping & Blog Candy

So this whole thing of having a blog is a fairly new experience for me!

I started a blog because I was inspired by other blog writers ... 

AND THEN, i started uploading and sharing video's to YouTube because I was inspired by other YouTubers...

AND THEN, i went and joined this monthly scrapbooking mini album kit club for the opportunity to get better...

AND THEN, my scrapbooking world got larger and more FUN than I could ever imagine! 

AND THEN, i developed scrapping friendships known to me by their scrappy names/youtube names, etc. And one of these very sweet friends even shared some of her 'not using anymore' stash with me! OMG... so grateful and I hope she loves what I sent her as a thank you!

AND THEN, i won BLOG CANDY! (See my Blog Candy Win)Whoa.. what AMAZING scrapping world that I am discovering - SO SUPER FUN, EXCITING (as you can see on some of my video's) and I have to tell you.. i LOVE it! 

AND NOW, I want to share the scrappy love as a thank you to all the scrapper's who are having as much fun as I am !! So keep posted for my blog candy giveaway! Not sure what, when or how.. but it's going to be fun! :) 

So, I'd love to hear why you started your blog, when you started it and how its evolved for you!! :) so... Please leave a comment and share!

with a grateful grin,

I've learned so much from so many of the fabulously talented scrappy 'experts' out there that I'm giddy with my new 'Addiction'! Yep, addiction. I've read others describing their addiction to scrapping.. and I always thought.. hmmm... how can that be! whoa.. boy o boy was I naive!


  1. I have only been blogging for a short while mainly because I didn't think I could do it, but a friend kept saying just do one so 'Hey Ho' here I am in blogland... I'm still not very good but I can show peep's what I've been upto and that's pretty good for me....

    Love checking out your blog to see ya lovely make's cheer's Steff....

  2. I first started a family blog then realized through youtube videos people blog about their crafting journey. Why not I said to myself. It went from a few pictures to some videos! I love the blogging/scrapbooking world! I think all the ladies are some of the sweetest, and talented women i know! I love watching peoples videos and I love reading peoples blogs. being inspired and having an outlet from being a sahm! I first got introduced to card making. I was in a playgroup and one of the ladies was a stampin up demonstrator. She was so kind to design a mommy and me layout that we put together. I was so intrigued by just putting a few things together a memory and moment can be treasured forever. It all started then. anywhere i went i tried to get what i could. at first i was so clueless and got so discouraged seeing other peoples creations but i kept at it and I am now a part of a design team! Scapbooking and card making is so much fun! I do not see how anyone does NOT do it!! I was inspired to do a blog candy giveaway when laura at itsallrosie.blogspot.com had a giveaway for 1 person to win a couple stamps. in the end she gave everyone a stamp. I was so excited to get my stamp and then i did mine! I wish i could give stuff away everyday! It feels so good! I loved doing it also because alot of the things i got are products i love and to share them with someone else that may not have used them is great!! ok I am now going to publish my book!! haha!!

  3. I feel exactly as you do, Stef...blogging - and the true friendships that develop as a result - make the world a much smaller place and with all the terrible news happening every day it is so nice to know that there are such lovely people out there to share an interest with. I have met so many friendly ladies who love scrapping and carding as I do, as well as cooking in my case. I love to share what I have learned so that others can maybe have an easier time putting something wholesome and fresh on their family's table. The crafting part is totally self-indulgent on my part and just something I love to do. Whether or not anyone reads my blog, it is fun to do and as a sahm, it makes it feel like you are leaving a mark somewhere out there. I love the work that you do, way beyond anything I create, but it is lovely to share that crafting love with you. All the best to you.

  4. Hi Steff
    After being home for a yr on Maternity leave, I had scrapbookers block, so I started surfing and after reading other blogs, (Marions) I then HAD to post my work.I went through one yr of only friends and family looking at my work. I then Joined GGS and have made many friends which I sooooo enjoy learning many new techniques. Not to mention just chatting. I don't have any friends in my HOME life that scrapbook, so I am sooo happy that I have made friends in my CYBER life that enjoy this wonderful craft we all enjoy. I love how we can read into another person work and feel the happiness they feel when their work is done. Its just a great thing to be a part of.

  5. It was difficult since i have never used a sewing machine before and i had only got it on monday! But it is so much fun! and i got the hang of it after a few test projects that was one as you can see it is totally not straight! haha!

  6. Hi! This is my first week "blogging". What a blast! For some time now, I have read blogs and watched videos for inspiration.
    I will be honest, I started my blog because the scrap club that I wanted to get into required it.
    I have now decided to update my blog daily as a form of therapy and to make new friends. Writing has a way of releasing energy, positive and negative, from the soul.
    I have visited your blog and watched your videos for some time now. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  7. i start a blog, cuz i saw marion and jennifer on youtube, and them i found their blog and all the fun that they have sharing ideas and getting nice comment about their work, and the reason why i keep doing it is because i like to see what people think about my work is a lots of fun to know new people and see their work and how talented they are i just love it! :D

  8. hi in one of you videos you were wondering how she make doble fold pocket here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CdGqT1aT2M&feature=related enjoy it! :D

  9. I started my blog because I don't have friends who scrapbook or do any other crafts. My son and boyfriend were getting tired of hearing about scrapbooking lol. When I started watching videos on Youtube, Marion being the first, I was like wow. I knew I probably wasn't comfortable making videos, so I thought I would give blogging a try. I am still very new at it, learning as I go (just like scrapbooking), but I absolutely love,getting advice,ideas and techniques from other scrappers! You all inspire me to be better, thanks Stef!

  10. THANX ANGIE!!!! Your gr8 for finding the You tube video on the double pocket. I soooo luv it and can' wait to try it. It looks so much easier than it looks. Thats wonderful. Thanx again.

  11. Hi Steff, I started with youtube to find new things on scrapbooking. Then I came across yours and Marion's youtube and loved all of the mini ablums. I love mini albums! They are my favorite right now. I have learn so much from your videos. You've inspired me to do my first video. (Thank you) After seeing alot of different scrappers youtube and blogs. I decided to have a blog of my own to share my scrapbook and ideas. I am still learning new things everyday. I also love to make new friends that love to scrapbook as I do. I always can't wait to see what new project you've done. After watching your videos or seeing your pictures you posted up on your blog. I get so excited and want to get started and do a project myself. I'm having alot of fun with the bloging. Thank you so much Steff for your help....

  12. This is new to me too, I just joined today, so your not alone. I have watched your videos on youtube a really enjoyed them. You are very creative. Just thought I would let you know I posted a link to your blog site at the bottom of my blog site. Thanks for sharing all your amazing projects, them help me stay inspired to make things!

    Have wonderful day!
    Shaina :-)

  13. Hi!! Thanks for the tip on the music!! Duh I should have thought of that!!thanks again!

  14. Stephi ~ I'm in!!!!!! I can leave comments now! Of course I love what you sent me! I love it all. Actually, as I type, I have one of the little cards you wrote on in my pocket. It's there for a reason. A Big Filipino Hug coming your way.................!

    big hug RIGHT BACK ATCHA!! :) HEEEE
    the world is right again!!