Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend - BRING IT ON!!

Let the weekend begin!!

.. the last couple of weekends i haven't had much time to scrap! (whiny voice?..NOT..just an ugh fact) :)
.. then the garage got flooded! Alot of work to clean-up! (ugh)
.. then a trip to costco this morning just put me over the TOP! (yep, filled myself out one of them complaint cards and a quick trip to see the store mgr--- which is highly UNUSUAL for me!!)


All I want (need) is a little down time... I want to release some of my stresses by gluing, cutting, just good ol' scrapping & playing with new goodies ..RIGHT NOW !!! no more chores for today.. and none for tomorrow morning either (I sound convincing.. I hope I can) :)

ps. the above pict is the sweetest gift ever from my lovely friend Velma! I'll never be as good as she is..but man o man I'm gonna try! Thank you soooooooo much Velma!!!

Hope everyone's having an awesome and creative weekend!

with a silly grin,

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  1. Did your friend just send you a box of scrap crap? Lucky!! Now, I'm very curious what happened at sound like me: takes a lot to get you mad but then you do something about it. Go girl! I'm in the same boat: have been driving everyone everywhere, no time for moi...but today they are gone and it is raining: the perfect day for some scrappin and cardin! have fun, Stef!