Friday, July 17, 2009


Oh holy moly !!

My ATG gun ran out of adhesive!! ugh... I just recently purchased it and only bought one tape (big mistake)! LOL (... well not really LOL)

I figured tha AFTER I received my ATG (which I can't live w/o now!!) I would take my time and research where to buy the tape -- you know the best deals!! and now, here I am, full panic mode! No tape! So.. I've been sitting at my table just lovin' my gun and using it full blast and whamO! its EMPTY *SIGH* *GASP*!!

So please .. anyone.. if you know the fastest best deal to get tape for ATG guns - please EMAIL ME or POST A COMMENT!!

My initial plan to wait and research has bombed! big time!! :) LOL

with a 'panic' grin,


  1. Steff, I love your mini books found you on Question, I am new to mini books. What is the best adhesive to use on Chipboard? And embelishments? Thanks, I'm a big fan. Danielle Oakes, Virginia

  2. Oh, Stef, that sucks! I on the other hand, bought a CASE of tape when I bought mine...alas, I'm in Canada so no help to you. However, I have heard that is good! Hope you get some soon! Good luck...

  3. **** KATHERYN came to my aid!! She directed me to FRAMINIGSUPPLIES.COM too !! :) whew! I was in a panic and she calmed me.. said .. just make your order for a box of adhesives.. and in the mean time.. get to michaels and use that 40% coupon on some spare adhesive to tie me over! AND I DID JUST THAT!! :) thank YOU KATHERYN!! *********

  4. Steph... what a cute mini!!! I just found the site to get them. A lot of bang for your buck! How do you scrap so fast... you say they are simple, but they really are colorful and have lotsa detail. I guss what I am trying to say is that they don't seem all that simple to me. And You can just scrap so darn fast!!!
    LUV YA- Joyce

  5. I used Crop and Stick. They were fast, cheap and have the Gold acid free! Great company!