Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting Ready for the 4TH OF JULY !

heeee ... We went grocery shopping for tomorrow's 4th of July Celebration BBQ... came home and just couldn't wait! We just HAD to BBQ some hamburger's TONITE!! Gee.. nope.. couldn't wait! Didn't even try! BBQs are way fun so we decided to had a mini pre-4th of July BBQ .. just to to hemm???!!!

******************** Let the Fireworks begin .... ON THE GRILL ***************

******** the BBQ Grill Master - oh thank you thank YOU!! *******

**** FINALLY, READY... Juicy Hamburgers, seasoned & smoothered in BBQ Sauce *****

Well I hope this post finds you ready for your 4th of July Celebration tomorrow! Be safe, have loads of fun, love being in America and TAKE TONs of photos to share with me!! Take Care!
God Bless America!! Happy best 4th of July E.V.E.R!!!

with a 'fireworks' grin,


  1. Looks delicious! I can't wait for tomorrow. It's gonna be great. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful, fun and safe 4th!

  2. Nice picture of your honey..........I bet he's a good cooker like mine! Those hamburgers look so yummy! Happy "4th" and be safe. We aren't allowed to have fireworks here in Tracy. Ugh, our younger years in our home, my hubby and our neighbor would sneak up to Manteca, Modesto, buy a ton $$$$$$$$$$$. Yeah, here came the cops and fire trucks! Busted! They would give warnings. They would make my husband get out the hose and "soak" all his fireworks, all I saw was money down the drain. Now that we're older, no more fun, loud, sparkly thingys. My husband has learned! I swear if he pulls any out tomorrow night, I'm running in the house and locking the door (he-he)

  3. Hi Steff, wow, those burgers made me hungry. Soooo Yummy, Yummy!!!! Hope you have a great 4th July. Enjoy.

  4. Can't beat a good hamburger...especially when the DH cooks!! Have (another) fun one tonight!!

  5. Love those burgers. They look so good. Hope you had a blessed holiday. I'm watching your video for the kit club right now. Looks super fantastic. Love the green. I'm not usually a fan of green but it looked super cute.

    Take care.

    With a friendly grin, :-)