Sunday, July 12, 2009

He ALWAYS wins & randomNESS

what's new:

- started a new Mini with the June Bug paper .. super fun times :) The paper is AMAZING! (scroll to the bottom of this post to see my "before" picture)
- packaged up a 'gift' to ship out to my friend as a thank you for her 'gift' to me!! heeee I'm still giddy over it :)
- my sister is here for a visit and I learned I can't stay up past midnight anymore chatting !! :)
- my peachy cheap order came in - the 'Bag of Goodies' .. oh my!!
- Oooh and I'm shipping out my July GGS Swap MINI to 'Stacy' -- I hope she likes it :)

whats getting old (real fast):

- My honey ALWAYS wins at Bocce Ball (lawn bowling game we played this weekend)!! he's killing me.. my new goal: practice, practice and WIN before the summer is over!! :)
- and I'm feeling like I NEVER get enough time to play with my scrapping goodies!!

(I was going to take more pictures during our game.. but when my husband showed up.. the game got SERIOUS real fast .. LOL.. so I had to 'conc.e.n.t.r.a.te'!! )

Yep! I'm one of
'those' --- I love taking pictures of FLOWERS :)

a Before picture of the my current mini album project ...
OH!! and Thank you for the awesome kit "

Hope your having a great time too!! Leave a comment and share what you've been up to :)

with a grin,


  1. I LOVE the JUNE BUG stuff! What a wonderful gift from Velma!

    We have Bocce too! I love it! IN fact I have a "super cute" photo to post from when my fmaily played it last! I am afraid I am not very good at it no matter how hard I try!

    Have fun making your mini... you always do such a great job!!! I gotta get me a friend like Velma! Sadly enough nobody in my neighborhood scrapbooks! That is why GGS has been so fun for me.

    Thanks for your comments and concerns, Steph. I am amazed how fast you get to so many of the blogs and keep in touch with everyone. I can't even seem to keep my blog up... but I will get better. Hugs- Joyce

  2. We love bocce too! We played at Mountain Lake Resort in Virginia (where Dirty Dancing was filmed) much fun! Glad the jam was tasty...have fun with your stuff.

  3. Love the nice bright papers. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with it. Thanks for all your kindness. brenda

  4. the picture of the flower is so pretty!! Love that kit!! On my b-day wishlist.....hhhmmmm everything!! we are going to disneyland on my bday But for my sons birthday. His 3rd birthday is 2 months after mine.... My hubby usually gives me money and i just go shopping!! haha!!