Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm NOT holding A SNAKE!

I had
not a clue that my evening would contain the following:'s a quick little INTERESTING story about tonite! (And .. oh, feel free to comment!)

I'm finally home settled after the T-Ball game and going through my emails...
when I hear my boys yelling and it's coming from my front yard! I look down out my window and see my two boys with their Uncle (who I didn't know was over for a visit) .... AND HE'S HOLDING A SNAKE!! ... AND my boys are jumping around asking if they can hold it!!???

OK, Holy..Molly.. So, I BOLT FOR THE DOOR... I pause .. go back to my desk (can't believe myself), grab my camera.. and BOLT for the door again!! I just get out the front door when ... well let me just share some picts!!!

***** "Uncle is SO COOL" quote by my super excited boys *****

Uncle teaching my son how to HOLD a snake... eee..

my mommy instinct was to grab that snake and throw it far away from my little boy!.. but I didn't .. I tried to stay CALM.
I kept telling myself here "breathe, breathe, BREATHE!!"

Yep, my brother-in-law loves my boys! His last gift was a Tarantula ... I have no more words.
NO - I DIDN'T HOLD THE SNAKE. I kept looking at my husband.. during this little snake holding experience and he was grinning - he reassured me the snake was harmless. I love having boys!

with a 'eeek' grin,


  1. This makes me so glad for my "all girl" daughter!!! Although we did have pet rats :-)

  2. Boys, oh the joys! I would also be flipping but the snake did look harmless. I do have to say that even girls have their moments. I was very young (4yrs old) when I apparently asked my mother if she wanted to see my pets. My mother got nervious as we had recently lost our cat and had NO pets. I took her to my room and showed her a box of little slugs. i had collected them and made them a home in my room under my bed. She was thrilled as you can imagine!

    See even girls can make you go EWWW!

    Anyway, your boys look adorable and just think of the adorable scrapbook page/mini album! And look you have already done your journaling on the blog!

  3. Hey Stef, thanks so much for the comment - and the blog address as I didn't realize you had one! Now I will have fun catching up on yours! lol! I have both girls and a boy...luckily no snakes!!

  4. Did you keep that tarantula for a pet???? (You know how I feel about 8 legged terrorists!)

  5. My daughter has a wonderful landlord. She rents a bedroom from him and has the run of the house. He had another bedroom he was trying to rent and some of the applicants he had were so bizarre. One gal said she wanted to rent the room, but felt she should be able to "EXPRESS" herself however she felt.....which meant she had an 18 foot Boa she wanted to give the run of the bedroom to since she felt he should be able to express himself freely!!! (This is all true added embellishment from me needed) Thank God he didn't choose this applicant!!! Of course, he has a little pug which would probably have been a midnight pug & pop snack for the snake! But I wanted to write that gal back and ask her about the poor boa being able to express himself properly which would have actually been in a rain forest where he would be a magnificent beast and not sleeping 20 feet away from my daughter!!!! Ugh! Is there something wrong with a kitten?!!!!