Sunday, August 23, 2009

WINNER of the Blog Candy is...

Hi Everyone !! I can't tell you how SUPER EXCITED I AM to announce the winner !!! heee

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2 winners!! I will email you to get your addresses!!

Man o man... I have to say.. Doing these Blog Candy Giveaways is just so much FUN!

I loved the whole process:
- figuring out what to give away...
- making the mini album...
- posting the candy
- AND THE MOST FUN.. was reading everyones comments to see what THEY ARE MAKING!!
So, THANK YOU to everyone who left me such SUPER SWEET AND FUN comments!!
I'm DEFINATELY going to do more of these giveaways!
- and OMG ... digging my hands in the bucket to pick a winner! TA-heeee!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!

with a 'satisfied' grin,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"With A Grin" Blog Candy CLOSED! (Scrapbooking Paper Bag Mini Album)

HI everyone!!
I'm super excited!! Tomorrow I will be picking a winner of my BLOG CANDY {Paper Bag Mini + some "extra goodies"} !!! Thank you, Thank you for all your super sweet comments on the mini... and for sharing a little about you and what projects your working on too!

** I will post a video of the winner tomorrow **

and .... I've decided to throw in a little 'extra' surprise for one more lucky winner!

Happy Saturday!

with a grin,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

SUPER EXCITED!! Creative Mini Albums Site features ME!!

Way, way Super Excited!!!

My little Basic Grey Joyous mini album I made was selected to be feature today on Creative Mini Albums site!!

Ok... I have blog hopped all over this amazing scrapbooking/mini album world (internet) and have seen some really amazing mini albums... so I'm am so thrilled to add to it!! :)

AND.. DID YOU SEE THAT PICTURE.. OH VAY.. she enlarged it slightly.. and O HOLY MOLY.. I have some serious raccoon eyes!! that's the pict my son took of me one night because the mini album club I had just joined needed a photo! heee .. Oh heck! that's what i look like! anyways..

SO, go over to check out "Creative Mini Albums site!! {}
not because I was featured.. but because I KNOW YOU TOO CAN be featured!! :)

Hope everyone's having a fabulous day!! I LOVE THURS!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

"With A Grin" Blog Candy! (Scrapbooking Paper Bag Mini Album)

I finished my 'paper bag mini album' project and I'm super excited because I love how it turned out!! AND I'M GIVING IT AWAY AS BLOG CANDY!! heee ..{my 1st blog candy giveaway} So..this is my little way of saying "Hey Everyone!! Thanks for sharing all your techniques, beautiful projects and eye candy WITH ME!!"

So here's the super simple......
BLOG CANDY Details & Rules:

~ Please leave me a comment on this post! Feel free to share what your working on, what you recently bought, what new techniques you've learned --whatever! Just have fun! ;)
~ Add this post to YOUR wonderful blog!!! :) Don't have one? no worries... let me know in your comments how you will spread the word!
~ And.. if you follow or subscribe to both my blog and YouTube channel, I will place your name twice in the bowl!!
~ I will be choosing the lucky winner on my YouTube Channel in 2 weeks....ugh I know.. sorry so far from now..BUT I'm going to be adding some extra 'secret' goodies and I want to make sure I have plenty of time :)


***** Here's some picts of the paper bag I'm giving away as my
'With a Grin' Blog Candy *****

Hope your having a great week! And GOOD LUCK!! ;-)

With a 'super excited' grin,


Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Paper Bag Mini Album" Project (update) + Candy Alert

I'm super excited ~ I finished my paper bag mini album project (made with scraps and leftovers) and I love how it turned out!! I have to say... I blog hop alot and see many very beautiful mini's with super cute embellies, awesome techniques, etc.. and I think to myself.. "oh boy.. i hope to be as good as that one day!!" So, with that said ... I continue on into my creative scrappy learning adventures!! hee and I AM HAVING A BLAST! This paper bag mini album is SUPER SIMPLE, EASY TO MAKE and ton's of fun!! :)


I've been tinkering with the idea of 'If I like how this mini turns out ... THEN I'll turn it into blog candy'! and I DO like how the mini turned out so:

************ BLOG CANDY ALERT!! (heee my 1st blog candy ***********

I will be posting picts of my completed paper bag mini + a YouTube video soon! (today or tomorrow) :) Now... I have to figure out how to host a blog candy thingy!! :) DETAILS ON THE BLOG CANDY WILL BE IN MY NEXT POST :)
I enjoy hearing what others are creating .. so leave me a comment !!!
Have a safe, healthy, happy & SCRAPPY weekend! ;)

with a grin,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Paper Bag Mini Album" Project (before)

For creative fun, I thought I'd do a quick share of what I have planned for my next mini!!

still trying to use up some of my stuff from my 'left-overs scrap' bin and I LOVE doing paper bag albums so that's what I'm doing! I went through my tags first and found the funkiest vintage lady! I'm using this tag as my inspiration for my mini... I'm not sure how or what the mini is going to end up looking like!??? .. Anyways, I got my 6 paper bags, glue sticks, scissors, papers, tags, ribbons, left-over scraps and I'm ready to begin!

AND.. FYI.. If it turns out ok... I think I will giving it away as 'blog candy' :) but only if I like how it turns out! hee don't want to make UGLY BLOG CANDY happen! LOL

**** A 'before' pict of my paper bag mini album ****

**** my inspiration for this mini is this TAG - this funky vintage pink lady (so funny) below ****

I'm super excited to get started on this PAPER BAG mini!! SO, whats been inspiring you lately? For me, it's an attempt to use up 'stuff'!!
I enjoy hearing what others are creating .. so leave me a comment !!! Have a safe, healthy, happy & SCRAPPY week! ;)

with a 'Sunday' grin,