Saturday, September 5, 2009

RANDOMNESS! **WARNING** photo heavy post


I'm so excited to have some free time so I wanted to share some random picts from today! It's NOT AT ALL scrapbooking related ..... just so you know :)

GOSH.... I have to say.. I love LONG holiday weekends because I get the opportunity to do things I usually don't have time for! and THIS weekend started out just right with a early visit to the Ventura Famer's Market! (I called my sister last nite and pretty much begged her to get up early and go with me.. she's so super sweet and agreed!)

ok.. so the VTA Farmers Market isn't big AT ALL.. and I'm not sure but I think the prices are average... but that's not why I go! :) I go to enjoy the quite morning hours in Ventura and the pretty things I see at the market. Everyone's in a great mood.. pleasant to chat with.. just really nice and a very relaxing way for me to spend my morning! ;) (while my boys and honey are sleeping in)

So.. I thought it would be great fun to share some picts from my morning! :) Hope you enjoy!!

*****ENTRANCE to the Farmer's Market ..... it's a small one but so pretty!

****** I found these ever so tempting perfect purple articokes!! Don't these look so delicious.. too bad I don't know how to prepare them!! LOL

** a random pict of people walking around...

AND I loved the colors of these bunches of Chard.. which I didn't get any either.. cause (shhh...) I don't know how to cook these either!!!

YEP... FRESH SUPER ORANGE CARROTS! loved how they looked!! bought a bunch.

And THEN!! OMG!!! I turned the corner and saw this spectacular (perfect size for my garden) trumpet flower tree!! I ran over to it.. they ONLY HAD ONE!! HEEE.. I stood there gawking at it.. and telling my sister how much I LOVED IT!!! Isn't it GOREGOUS??? !!!

STOLE the TRUMPET TREE FROM ME!! Ok... she didn't steal it from me... she had was standing right there looking at it too... and when I came over and started my (too loud - lessons learned) "oooh ahhh!! sooo pretty!!" ...thats when she opened her wallet and told the vendor she'd take it!! TAKE IT SHE DID.. ALL THE WAY TO HER CAR... ugh. :) I wanted to body slam her to the floor and wrestle that tree away from her!! LOL but I didn't! so there it went! (looks like it wasn't even gonna fit in her car.. but NOPE SHE MADE SURE SHE FIT IT IN THERE!! I was happy for her.. she REALLY must have wanted it badly!! :)

***** View driving back home.... it was a super pretty day... :) This is a side street off of Main Street Ventura.. (California street for anyone who knows the area).

*** these next TWO PICTS ARE place I definately want to visit next time...

... a little bakery...
an antiques store....

So Next, ok... my sister.... She tolerates me soo much.. after the market I asked her to accompany me to breakfast and THEN HERE (she's way patient!):

**** There she is ... lower right corner of pict :) We did really good! I walked out spending only $24.00! pretty good eh?
I got a charm for my mini I'm making for Joyce the Gingerbread Girl, a book (that I TRIED to use my 40%off coupon but they won't take with books), some paint and OF COURSE PAPER!!

Well that was my morning.. so nice! ;) I hope you and yours are having a great time! Please leave a comment and share what YOUR DOING THIS HOLIDAY!!


I have to share Angie's Paper Bag Mini she made! I've been waiting patiently for her to post her video and she posted it TWO DAYS AGO.. WITHOUT ME KNOWING!!! HEEE ... SO when I seen it today I was thrilled! She did a fabulous job.. and she is way too humble!! I LOVE IT !!

with a grin,


  1. Wow, I can't believe that woman "stole" your tree! I would have said something...the Farmer's Market looks like fun!

    I'm working on a mini album for a swap I am in, I can't wait until next month when I join GGS!


  2. Loved your morning journey with your sister. Did you guys check out the antiques store. I love checking out the antiques shops. Sorry you didn't get your tree. :( Nice pictures! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! : )

  3. Oh I love a Farmer's Market... yummy fresh veggies. Artichokes and sparkling mineral water- is a favorite evening delight for hubby and me, along with crusty artisan bread and some exotic cheese! Wow.. what a lovely morning you must have had! Chard is so good... if you cook it right. I have never met a veggie I didn't like! (My mom and I are big time veggie lovers.) Don't get me wrong... a marinated teriyaki steak is fabulous, but there is something so invigorating about fresh produce.

    Now.. you go time curious about the charm. Oh... I am excited! I gotta finish your mini up this week. I still have a house full of company!
    Pretty soon though!
    Hugz- Joyce

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful morning with your sister. I hope the rest of your weekend is going as well.
    Have a happy scrappy weekend! ♥

  5. oh, I forgot...tell your family they need to get you a vegie

  6. Your farmer's market looks about the size of ours. Love going on a Saturday morning! Nice photos!

  7. I love the view down the street. When we lived in Ca, my Mom, sister and I would drive up to Ventura twice a year (usually Spring and Fall) to have lunch and go antiquing. Some of my fav memories:) Your narration is so funny! I love it:) Your blog is so fun to follow!
    I have been working on your mini of course. I had a tricky time binding it, but you'll see all that soon:) I also reorganized my scrap closet, I had some goodies to put away! I can't wait to see my mini!!! So excited!

  8. Love the pics of your day out and OMG those veggies look good! I have never tried artichokes other then in dips that other people have made, gonna have to look up a recipe and try them some time. You got out of M's that cheap?! I've only done that once and it was only because my son was pulling on my shirt whining, "maaahhhmmmyy I'm staaaaaaarving!" I have a day off of work today and am enjoying the time with my kiddos.

  9. Hey Steph! I've been at the ball park ALL weekend, but it was worth it b/c DS helped WIN the whole tourney! Yay!! Very exciting. Thanks so much for the shout-out, you're sweet! I laughed at your "...but I don't know how to cook them" on each photo - too funny! And I laughed when I saw the Michael's photo! I can relate! Good job on the $24! Spent over $180 on my Copics (shhhhh!) So off to relax after all that fresh too?? (And I posted on your chat box that I posted my mini!!!)