Friday, September 4, 2009


OMG!! I AM SUPER excited.. I actually HAVE TIME to do a post today!! heee....
Time has flown by ... here's what's been happening in my little world!!

- school has started and we are all settled into a new daily routine.. AND ITS WORKING!! yeah.. so this really makes me so happy!

- soccer has started.. 2 boys in soccer..HELLO!! WHOA... yep.. alot of running around!! :)

- I'm ALMOST, BUT NOT QUITE.. done with my GGS Mini Album Swap for JOYCE the Gingerbread gal! Holy smokes.. I have to follow Kathy's mini that she made for Joyce.. yikes!! wish me lucky!! :) Joyce by the way.. is so talented.. I am WAY WAY excited to see the mini she's making for me!! I will post a video of her mini as soon as I receive all can share in the fun!!

- I'm almost done (finishing touches) on Sarah's mini for CCC's swap!! I can't believe I signed up for 2 swaps this month.. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Haa I wasn't! BUT I've been having a blast making the mini's and playing with all my scrappy goodies!! It's been comical me trying to fit in time to get scrappy! but I've done pretty good and things are now more or less settled as far as routines and running the household smoothly again (ha LOL...SMOOTHLY...YEAH.. NOT!)

- AND LASTLY. .. drum roll please... I've just finished doing some video's (plural!!) and I AM SUPER EXCITED TO BE POSTING THESE IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!! :)
So stay tuned and be a.m.a.z.e.d!! ta-hee.. YOU'LL SEE... !! :)

**** here's a sneak peak ****

Ok.. So now its your turn!! Let me know what's new with you and yours!! I'm always so excited to hear what everyone else is working on, playing with, buying, etc etc.... oooo so leave a comment :)

with a Friday YEE-HAW GRIN,


  1. Steff, It looks FABULOUS!!!!!I cant wait to see the videos :-)

  2. omg!! how busy have you been!! geesh!! I just shipped my ccc mini album and almost done with my tws mini!!! don't ask how i did them so fast.... I have no idea!Im sooo happy to see an update i love seeing what you have been up to!! take care and i can not wait to see the rest of this mini!!

  3. Looks really cute! Can't wait to see your videos!

  4. u r a busy busy gal your mini looks really cute where i can see the paper and the colors are way cute!, what i been up to is i have to make mini albums for my family in peru my sis is going to peru the end of this months and my family wants to see my kids so i been trying to put stuff together for them, and i'm so extra excited cuz this saturday we have in utah a scrapbook expo and they sell a bunch of stuff pretty cheap so i'm so excited to go shopping oh well i hope you have a lot of fun this weekend and is so nice to hear from u :D

  5. Hi Steph!!! When I saw that you had an update blog entry, I got so excited!!! I just LOVE your blog. You are SO TALENTED!!! I am thrilled you have some videos coming soon.
    I am currently working on some Halloween mini's. I have one done, but will make a video once I have all three completed. I am making them for my sisters and their children.
    Thanks! Vangie

  6. Hi Step! I saw your update! How exciting I can't wait to see your video! I've also been busy with school and work. I been scrappin on a few projects. One is almost done I will post it soon and do a video.
    Leann : )
    Happy Scrappin!!!

  7. can't wait to see your video ! it looks like so great. I had finished two mini albums but don't know if I would find the time to make a video soon... we will see.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. hi, you have to post more videos, i love your minis, they are gorgeuos :)
    i posted some photos of my pocket mini album on my blog, its inspired by yours. i wanted to have and old lady at front pocket, but had none,
    just love your ideas and creativity, keep up the good work

  9. hi it look SUPER CUTE i just love your vids

  10. Hi, I can't wait to see the video it looks so pritty, love the colers. Well what can I say I just love your mini's. Thanks for sharing it with us.