Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween the Scrappy Way!

Get the camera ready!!!

One of the most exciting days to take pictures (for me) is Halloween!!

... kids in their exciting costumes...
... adults in their "OMG" costumes (LOL),
... ME in my "what was I thinking" costume!! ta-hee

YEAH.. ! Camera better be ready .. tons of things to take pictures of....pumpkins, candles, crazy fun halloween things! And I can't wait to see YOUR HALLOWEEN PHOTOs!!
Ok.. so everyone have a SAFE & SPOOKY FUN Halloween!

with a spooky grin,

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Super Cute Wallet Mini {A Great Gift Idea}

Wow! and JUST HAD TO SHARE!! I was YouTube surfing and found the cutest & really easy to make little wallet mini tutorial (see YouTube 'Stampingholly"

So, I grabbed 1 sheet of 12x12 vintage paper and gave it GO!
AND..I'm so thrilled BECAUSE.. I think that it would be a great idea to gather some of my double-sided Holiday papers and make several of these wallet mini's and use them for a GIFT CARD HOLDERS {slash} Minis!! Yep, yep!! I can't go wrong with a handmade gift that is super fun, pretty & fast for me to make!! ~~ Love it!

You gotta try to make one of these fun little wallet mini's.. so EASY & Super Cute!!
Leave a comment and share what holiday projects your working on!!
Have a great week!

With A Grin,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Personally Handcrafted By Velma {Whoa! Thank you!}

Here are a few photos are some of these amazingly handcrafted flowers!

First! Thank you Velma :) a million times to the moon and back!! :) I love everything! Love LOVE! L.O.V.E!
This week I received an incredibly thoughtful gift from Velma @ . I am touched and very excited because...

Velma sent me an assortment of her very own carefully HANDCRAFTED FLOWERS !! OMG...!!! OH happy Day!! We all refer to them as "VELMA'S FLOWERS" ... And as you can imagine .. this is way OVER THE TOP EXCITING!! THANK YOU ! and THANK YOU with hugs... for all the other sweet special beautiful gifts! I'm definately using these goodies on the mini I am making for her!

She did several videos on how to make these awesome flowers !! YOU GOTTA TRY AND MAKE THESE FLOWERS!! SOO MUCH FUN... AND SO PRETTY!!

Have a happy scrappy weekend!
With a grin,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Find Your Path" Envelope Pocket Mini (for AJBalletSlippers)

A couple of weeks back.. I received an email from a fellow YouTuber "AJBalletSlippers" asking if I would make her one of my mini's.. how could I refuse! She's just the super cutest young scrapper out there on you tube! Thanks for subscribing and for being such a wonderful NEXT GEN SCRAPPER!!

So, AJ.. here's the breakdown of how I put your mini together!

- I decided to make my favorite 'envelope pocket mini' for her to fill with her fun photos!
- Grabbed one of my favorite paper stacks.. SEI!! LOVE LOVE THIS PAPER STACK ~Jolie Chocolate...oooh la laa.. beautiful bold prints!!
- I gathered coordinating embellies.. BROWNS AND PINKS!! This is THE FUNNEST part of planning a mini... picking out all the goodies!!
- and finally .. I SAT DOWN and GOT BUSY!! I tried to keep it SIMPLE & PRETTY ... and I had great FUN making it! A pretty super simple & fast project!!

HEY!! AJBalletSlippers... I hope you enjoy your new little mini and tote bag ... and thanks for being a subscriber!

Have a great week everyone!

with a grin,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The best Scrapbooking PIZZA BOX !!!! WOW!

THIS WAS THE BEST PIZZA BOX I HAVE EVER OPENED... BY FAR!! AND from AFAR.... all the way from Switzerland!! :)

CONNIE @ ... THANK YOU!! I am incredibly grateful and touched! thank you soo much!! :) I LOVE everything ...the prima goodies, papers, blings, embellies, .... all of it!! :) I'm am super excited and can't wait to make something!!


Thank you for the many super fun & giddy grins!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Scrapbook/Recipe Mini Album (Non-Traditional)

Here's a quick 'share' of a fun project I did a couple of months ago!

One of girlfriends daughter's recently got 'into' scrapbooking and then promptly went away to college. So I thought it would be fun to make her a SCRAPBOOK/RECIPE MINI ALBUM! The mini provides her with fun, fast and cheap recipes AND fun scrapbooking ideas (meant to hopefully keep that scrapbooking spark going) !!! And I really like how it turned out.. its not the traditional .. recipe book. No... its has many favorite 'quick and easy' recipes from friends, some photo's, some fun notes/journaling, etc.

Anyways, I really enjoyed making it .. and I hope Sammy likes it! She's NEW TO COOKING & SCRAPPING! :) Exciting times!


Hope every one's having a great week! Would love to hear what new things your up too.. what you've bought lately, whatever! Always great to hear from you!! :)

with a grin,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Playing with Stamps & Tags!!

Ok... so I finally had some extra time on my hands to sit and scrap today!! So exciting....

I love football season! :) There's usually a good block of 2-3 hrs that my honey is going to be COMPLETELY consumed & entranced!! LOL AND .. that leaves me free to play with the boys! So we did our walk, observed many fire ant hills, ran into their friends which then meant my boys were done with me! Lego's & snacks kept them kids happy!!

And all of that = "MOMMY TIME" :)

- should i finish my 'project' for AJBalletSlippers?
- should i start on one of my kits that is screaming "DO ME NEXT!! DO ME NEXT!!"
- should i clean up my work space? (way outta control... )
- should i put away recently bought stuff?
Yikes...yeah ... i couldn't decide so i sat down and started cleaning up! Ugh.

BUT THEN, I ran into some stamps that needed to be put away...
AND THEN, I played!! The cleaning STOPPED AND YEAH!!
So here's a look at my Sunday afternoon "Mommy Time" /scrappy time creation!

***Created with "DREAMER CLEAR STAMPS" by Prima Marketing (click for link to product) ***

My StazOn ink is way too dry.. time for another 40% off Michael's coupon purchase!
Have a great Columbus Day and even a better scrappy week! :)
Leave me a comment and share what projects your working on!!

With a Grin,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The "Challenge Mini Album Kit" WINNER IS.....!!!!

Hi ... I LOVE doing GIVE AWAYS!!
And I'm super excited because this is a Scrapbooking Challenge Kit Giveaway!!

Ok.. so to Winner #1: CONGRATULATIONS!! Ta-heeee!! I hope you enjoy the Holiday Mini Album Challenge Kit!! Please post it on your blog once you've completed it (haa no pressure.. this is optional) AND.... Please forward a challenge on.. somehow.. someway.. do whatever.. it doesn't even have to be a challenge kit!! (haaa NO pressure.. .this is optional too!!) :) Yep!! Scrapping is FUN ONLY!! So no worries!

Ok.. so to Winner #2: YEAH!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'M super EXCITED for you!! This little paperbag kit will be sooo much fun to put together!! I hope you enjoy it and would also love to see pictures of when its completed!! ;) again.. no pressure!

Alrighty! Everyone ~~~ thank you all for the super fun comments!!
DID YOU GALs get to read some of those comments for the question... "what's most challenging for you??" !!! OMG... It seems like we all have alot of similar 'challenges' that we must work through.. ha!!! LOL... SO Let get scrappin!! :)

Winners, again... congratulations.. and please email me your address.. and I'll ship ASAP!

Thanks everyone and I hope you are having a Happy Scrappy Weekend! (thats a mouth fulll.. wait til you hear how I said it on the video!! ugh.. oh.. vay!)

with a grin,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

(CLOSED) Mini Album Challenge Kit *GIVEAWAY*

Hi Everyone!
I'm SUPER EXCITED to share the Mini Album Challenge Kit
I am giving away!!


- Leave a comment on this post or the previous post(click-here) ... (No worries, I will make sure to include both sets of comments!)
- Subscribe to my blog and let me know what most CHALLENGES YOU when you are scrapping! My most challenging thing is covering up super cute papers!! Man o man .. thats soo hard for me!! :)
- and if you win!! ---> Please PASS ON A NEW CHALLENGE (any type of challenge) (only if you want)
- and..........OCTOBER 18th a WINNER will be drawn!! :)


AND... I have to tell you...
The Holiday Challenge Kit was made using the challenging colors of PURPLE & GREEN and contains: 20 sheets of vintage holiday papers (I love LOVE), ornament chipboard album (5 pieces), metal embellies and fun bling from my little stash, ribbons/fibers, {and even a ribbon piece from CCC Challenge Kit (thought that would be fun to put a piece from their challenge into mine)}, fun tags & some neat pieces from friends: Velma (prima Christmas tree & time piece chipboard) and Hope (super cute bow ribbon ---I love this ribbon and just had to share some of it!!)

Friday, October 2, 2009

CCC Mini Album Challenge & GIVEAWAY!!

I joined the Craft Craving Chicas Mini Album Challenge! and when they say 'challenge.. they mean CHALLENGE!! TA-HEEE...

See the picture below for a picture of MINI ALBUM KIT CHALLENGE CONTENTS ~ wow! Holy smokes.... when I received the kit I kept looking inside the envelope for more!

So basically, you receive a kit, use the contents to make a mini:
- Cereal box chipboard (4), acetate (1), fibers/ribbons (few), minimal embellies, SUPER CUTE papers.. but not much! :) If you ever get the chance to do a challenge ... try it! Challenges really make you try new things :)So, THANK YOU Lisa and Regina!! I had the best time making this mini... way challenging too!
- I used only the kit contents and used 98% of the kit contents!

Hope you enjoy! Don't throw out those cereal boxes!! TRY MAKING A MINI ALBUM OUTTA THEM!! :)

************ GIVEAWAY**********
Leave a Comment to win this little fun mini + a challenge mini kit!!
I will be making a mini kit and sending it off with the person who wins this giveaway! The winner can pass on the challenge by sending off their own kit challenge! SUPER FUN! :)
**** the winner will be drawn next Saturday, Oct. 10!***




with a grin,

Scrapbooking Mini Album for Joyce (GGS Aug Swap)

**** Update---> JOYCE RECEIVED her Mini... to see her open the package, click here on link to see her video! **********
Yeah!! Super excited to share the mini I made for Joyce (aka "Gingerbread Girl") @ (ha.. not so mini....) Her "Happily Ever After" album is done!! :) Yeah!!

This mini is for the GGS Mini Album Swap (shhhh.. for August! ugh.. I know, I know.. it's Oct 2nd!! LOL) I had emailed Joyce a long time ago to let her know I would be a little late. ~ JOYCE, Thank you so much for you sweetness and patience!! :) If you have never seen one of Joyce's mini's you MUST GO TO HER BLOG RIGHT NOW!! CHECK out her YOUTUBE VIDEO'S.... Her mini's are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! I hope to one day be 1/10th as talented!! :)

So I'm thrilled to share the mini.. and I hope Joyce has as much fun filling it up as I had making it! Another SUPER CUTE paper collection - Once Upon A Time (DCWV)! Wow.. I still struggle with covering beautiful papers! yikes :) I'm still learning!

Happy WEEKEND everyone.. and may your weekend be filled with scrappy happy fun projects!

with a grin,