Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween the Scrappy Way!

Get the camera ready!!!

One of the most exciting days to take pictures (for me) is Halloween!!

... kids in their exciting costumes...
... adults in their "OMG" costumes (LOL),
... ME in my "what was I thinking" costume!! ta-hee

YEAH.. ! Camera better be ready .. tons of things to take pictures of....pumpkins, candles, crazy fun halloween things! And I can't wait to see YOUR HALLOWEEN PHOTOs!!
Ok.. so everyone have a SAFE & SPOOKY FUN Halloween!

with a spooky grin,


  1. You are just so super cute! I love all of your videos and think you are just such a fun person. It is a shame I cannot meet yo in person.

  2. You TRICKSTER!!! I just LOVE YOU Steph!
    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. You are just toooooooooooooo ADORABLE!!! Love it, thanks for the giggle xx

  4. you're so fun, steph :)! hope you have a happy happy halloween :). much aloha~! steph

  5. Oh Steph! I was all ready for a technique to learn you silly girl you.

    At first I really thought you cut yourself and I was like well what in the world why wouldnt she have edited that since she's talken about being safe and having it sharp but to be careful not to cut yourself. . . LOL - you crack me up.

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you hon and your family!

  6. hahaaaaa....oh my gosh, that cracked me up!! hope you have a happy scrappy halloween as well!

  7. LOL what a good laugh for so early on the morning....bravo ,,,,,smiles are good for us thanks

  8. LOL!!! It really looked like you cut yourself...your super funny....what a prankster! :P

  9. You are too funny! Have a great Halloween!

  10. you are too funny! Happy Halloween!!

  11. Hey Stephanie....just sent you an e-mail!

    Happy Halloween!

  12. funny hahahahaha, sooooo cooool :-} LOVE IT??? XoXoX

  13. Stephanie, I keep watching this everytime I visit your blog and it still cracks me up. Thanks for the laugh. Great work on all the challenges over at the beach your Lo's are amazing.