Monday, October 12, 2009

Scrapbook/Recipe Mini Album (Non-Traditional)

Here's a quick 'share' of a fun project I did a couple of months ago!

One of girlfriends daughter's recently got 'into' scrapbooking and then promptly went away to college. So I thought it would be fun to make her a SCRAPBOOK/RECIPE MINI ALBUM! The mini provides her with fun, fast and cheap recipes AND fun scrapbooking ideas (meant to hopefully keep that scrapbooking spark going) !!! And I really like how it turned out.. its not the traditional .. recipe book. No... its has many favorite 'quick and easy' recipes from friends, some photo's, some fun notes/journaling, etc.

Anyways, I really enjoyed making it .. and I hope Sammy likes it! She's NEW TO COOKING & SCRAPPING! :) Exciting times!


Hope every one's having a great week! Would love to hear what new things your up too.. what you've bought lately, whatever! Always great to hear from you!! :)

with a grin,


  1. Love, love this idea of the recipe mini. Thank you for sharing!!! I have learned so much from your other videos, your work is soooo great.

  2. Love it a great idea, thanks steff,
    U inspire

  3. Steph, this is great. What an awesome idea. I LOVE TO COOK so I MUST start one of these albums. It will just have to wait until I get all of my October comittments done. Thanks so much for sharing. BIG HUGS!!!

  4. Steph, Super Cute!!! Your eye for design is incrediable!! Each page is perfect.

    Thank you for posting to my blog yesterday.

    My dad has taken a BIG turn for the worse this weekend. As I write to you right now, it is 3:30 am, and I am on the couch (not sleeping) at my parents house.

    Thanks for brightening a not so bright day.

  5. Wow. This is amazing and SUCH a great idea!

  6. Thanks for the share:) What a great idea- and so thoughtful of you!
    Super Cute- Sarah

  7. This is so cool!! And I just love your handwriting! :)


  8. Steff: uber cute, bright and fun - love it!

  9. I am just blown away by your mini albums. They are fabulous and you have turned me on to the possibilities of this format. I also love your enthusiasm for scrapping. I look forward to checkeing out your blog everyday!

  10. So cute, I love it!!
    that's a geat idea, and I love out it turned out!
    nice job!

  11. OMG Stephanie! I love this. It's so pretty. My mom loves to bake. This would be a great gift for her since her bday is coming up. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing. Too cute!!!!

  12. this mini is simply gorgeuos, i just had to do one of my own. i am putting in some recipes now. i think i will give it to my hubby, hopefully he will not think it is too girly

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