Sunday, November 29, 2009

BLACK FRIDAY Haul & Giveaway!!


Long story short..
I need to figure out a easier way to do give away drawings!!
LOL.. I thought I'd have my little fella help me out do the drawings...sounds simple right!!??
ta-heee... ok... The drawing WAS originally set for 2 WINNERS... MY little guy HAD HIS OWN PLANS!! :) I love it! But I still need to figure out a more efficient method to pick winners. Some gals use the thing..but its doesn't seem as much fun! My scrappy time is all about FUN!! :) hmmm....

Anyways... here's are the video's !!



Hope everyone has a great, safe, healthy & SCRAPPY FUN WEEK!

with a grin,
Hey everyone .. have a great week! :)

Thankful Mini Album Giveaway (KIT Photos)

Hi Everyone !!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving !! OK ... I'm super excited ... ta-hee... today I will be doing the 2 GIVEAWAYS!!! But I thought I'd go ahead and share a sneak peak of the kit while I'm preparing/uploading giveaway video/editing etc..

I loved making this kit and filled it with pretty eye candy goodies, beautiful papers and fun to use embellies!! Thank you all you wonderful scrappers out there for all the super sweet, fun and entertaining comments! I'm thankful for you!! :)

**** Here's the photos of the 'THANKFUL' Mini Album kit! I hope the winner likes it !! ****

... tags, buttons, oh my...
... embellies & more ...
the papers...
I will also be doing a 2nd post for my Black Friday Giveaway Share! :)
*****Here's the bag of goodies I will be sharing with someone!! *****


With a GRATEFUL grin,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A "Thankful" & "BLACK FRIDAY" **GIVEAWAY**

Hi Everyone!! :) Whew ... what a crazy super fun month it's been so far! I've been super scrappy busy and now I'm very excited to tell you about 2 things that I have planned for the Thanksgiving Holiday!!

First ~

The Thanksgiving Holiday is almost here and I feel so blessed to have received RAKs & goodies, to have learned so much from everyone across the world and MOST importantly to have met so many wonderfully talented scrapbooking friends!! I would like to show my thankfulness and appreciation to all you super sweet and talented scrappers out there!! So, I will be doing a GIVEAWAY of a "Thankful" Mini Album kit !!! I put together a really super cute & fun kit that will be a blast to put together!! I will post picts soon :) The winner will be drawn and announced the day before Thanksgiving!!

Second thing ~

I LOVE "Black Friday" and each year I soooo look forward to all the super deals out there that are ready for me to snagged UP!! So to make my shopping even more fun this year... !! While I'm out there shopping in all that madness ... I will be picking up some extra scrapping goodies and use it for a "Black Friday Giveaway"!!! SUPER EXCITING!! :)

When I return home I will unpack my 'black friday deals', post a video and will pick a winner!!
{For anyone who isn't's the definition: Black Friday is a term for the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, which is the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season. Because Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States, Black Friday occurs between the 23rd and the 29th of November. Black Friday is not an official holiday..but in my book... it's "Oh heck Yeah.. I gotta have that deal"!!!}

***** Here's what you need to do to enter --- YOU GET 2 CHANCES TO WIN!!: ******

- LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST and share something fun! Anything.. what's your favorite store to shop at, a crazy Black Friday experience, best buy you recently made, WHATEVER.. just have fun!

- SUBSCRIBE to my Blog & subscribe to my YOUTUBE

If you already are a subscriber...
- Post this giveaway announcement on your blog! :) HAVE FUN!! :) AND GOOD LUCK!!!

Hope everyone's having a Happy Scrappy Time out there!! Enjoy!!


With A Grateful Grin,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day !!

Hi everyone! May you have a safe, healthy & much celebrated holiday!

To all our Veteran's:

THANK YOU for your service.... your sacrifices... your love for our country and God Bless You and your families!

Here's a simple poem that warms my heart and captures the meaning of Veterans Day.... Enjoy!

Veterans Day

By Taylor Weinman

Representing the red white and blue

The colors of our flag stand out proud and true.

The white stars on blue background with red and white stripes

Remind me of these veterans, who all risked their lives.

Just so the people of the U.S. could all live in peace and be free

These are the heroes that represent you and me.

They stood up strongly, untied as one,

And kept up the fighting until they were done.

And although some have fallen, and lost their lives in war,

We pray for each one of them.

And now that their souls live on forever more,

Above in God's hands.

They watch over our nation,

And give us strength to triumph over others with strong anticipation.

So every year, when this day comes by,

Think of all the veterans that while fighting, had to die.

And remember that they were people

With fire and passion embedded inside.

They die for this country,

So remember and honor them with pride

***What are you and yours doing this holiday? Have a wonderful scrappy celebrated day!

With A Grin,