Friday, December 4, 2009

A Random "Wish List"

For some silly -- wishful fun....

SO here's my "ooh-laaa-laaa-wish-I-had-it" Wish List for this holiday season.. but before I go on.. I would love to hear what's on YOUR LIST {leave me a comment - share what awesome things are at the top of your list}:

- ITEM #1: for simple pleasures in life....

- Or... ITEM #2: I'd settle for this.. The Minibox: Vanilla Beadboard $795.00.

That's way too much to spend! I would feel happier if my honey built me something sorta like it!

- AND.. OMG!!.... while I'm at it let me continue to DREAM...

ITEM #3:FOSSIL - Weekender Convertible Tote {'s even on SALE- $168.00$124.99}

- or ITEM #4:the Jackson & Perkins Bulb club!! i love flowers a MILLION TIMES!!

- but better than flowers.. ooOOO ITEM #5:CHOCOLATE MONTH CLUB!!!

- ok.. if I can't have any those things, I'll be quite SUPER HAPPY WITH THE FOLLOWING:

ITEM #6: ummm....??
LOL hahaha too funny!! Just JOKING!
but yep.. I'd be good with a new book, some new slippers & hand me a new throw!! OH YEAH!! :)

OK.. EVERYONE!! Have a HAPPY SCRAPPY WEEKEND!! :) Leave me a comment and tell me WHAT YOU WISH FOR THIS SEASON!? :) Have fun!

with a grin,


  1. those are some AWESOME items!! that's a great idea for your hubs to build you something similar! he should get on that!! :) :) i am in DIRE need of better storage...maybe my dh could build me something, an ADDITION to the house!! lol
    i am really NEEDING a new lens for my camera!! i need a zoom lens, but i want a fisheye, too. those look soo fun!

  2. You are so much fun! What scrapbooker doesn't need more storage...and more room?? Love the set you showed! Right now I'd be happy with a Cuttlebug, a Crop-A-Dile, a MS Lacy edge punch, and a Cricut if someone is feeling generous...with the SCAL program included, and more importantly, a room to scrapbook in...ummmm....okay that's enough for now. :P

  3. Hi Steff,
    You are so funny, heeps of storage is the key, but cheeper to get your honey to build it. My wish list is Finishing off the renovations on our house (1920's Villa), I have a scraproom, but needs to be completed, a paper trimmer, crop-a-dile, and learn how to take decent photos.
    Cheers for sharing steff XXX

  4. I don't know about you but I'm kind of liking the boots. Lol! Let's see the top of my wish list would be a Cricut Expression, Sizzix Big shot with cetain dies, a bigger scrap table (mine is teeny tiny), and more time with the boyfriend. Our schedules always run opposite!

  5. That is very fun this "ooh-laaa-laaa-wish-I-had-it" !!
    For me, I wish I had :
    1/ a baby (I hope to be pregnant next year)
    2/ more and more scrapper's friends around the world
    3/ many person who love my blog (and suscribe to my newsletter ;o)))
    4/and one day my scraproom !!

    have a nice week end, scrappy week end!

  6. Great list, Steph. Let's see what's on my list this year.
    1) New House (with my own scrap room)
    2) Cricut Expression (Yes, I know I don't own one yet)
    3) Lots of Glimmer Mist (Yes, that too)
    4) Flip Camera
    5) Binderie from 7gypies...
    I think that's it for now. Hehe!!!!
    Hugs, Friday

  7. OOO I Love that list! LOL
    well, I`ve got the Minibox on my list for some time now. I do agree it is to much money to spend and I wish my DH will sort out the spare room as it will become my new craft room :-)

    The next Item on the list was the copic markers, Used to have the BigShot on it But I got it as B-Day presie from my DH :-
    I love desighner bags and wouldn`t mind another one to join the other two LOL
    The most wanted wished for thing at the moment though is another baby, Mylee was IVF and it is another long journey that we are more then willing to take to repeat the first success :-)

    I think that will be all for now, ask me again tomorrow, I`m sure I can think of some more! LOL
    Jenny x

  8. Well, since things are a bit tight this year, my husband announced to the family that we were going to get a bunch of catalogs and sit around and tell each other what we would have bought them and then they can oooh and ahhh and say they would have loved it. Everybody laughed (except the teenagers)...I think they rolled their eyes.

    Love to see your Christmas Album...are you keeping a December Daily?

  9. I want a Cuttlebug so I can stop using a rolling pin!