Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! 2010!!!

WOW .. SO EXCITING 2010!! Can you believe it?!!! .. 2010!!

Here's a few random photos to share... but mainly wanted to wish everyone
a prosperous, healthy, happy & fun scrappy NEW YEAR!! :)

-->New Years Eve lunch at the marina. Cold day... brrr.. (shh on the flip flops...)
-->Drive to LAX... look at the beach..not one person on it! (yep! one of those cheeky mirror shots!)
-->Our new little puppy. She's a golden sweet girl!
-->someone got caught peeking! simple pleasures...
I'm super excited about this year and can't wait to get started on new projects! Now that the holidays are over.. I've got lots to do! exciting.... ;)
Ok.. so YOU have a great year!

with a grin,