Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Mini Album For Velma !

Velma's mini that I made is packaged up and ready to be sent out!!

"Velma.. I hope you enjoy your mini as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mini you made! Our swap that began last year (ta-hee...Sept. '09) is almost over *sigh* .....I enjoyed/relished/loved the whole process from beginning to end. Thank you so very much!!"

Here's a couple of sneak peaks:

Once Velma receives her mini {and things are better with her mother} ... I will upload picts & the video. Velma's "Busy With Mom" post brought tears to my eye's...

Alrighty! Happy Tuesday everyone and I hope your all have a happy scrappy time!

With A Grin,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I AM BLOWN AWAY !!!!! Mini Received from Velma :)

******** Video of the most beautiful mini *********

OK... there is no way I'm worthy of THIS BEAUTIFUL-AMAZING-JUST GORGEOUS MINI album that Velma made!!

Velma and I agreed to do a mini album swap with each other... {last year} !! I'll spare all the details .. long story short I received her's in the mail today! And well .. my chin hit the ground.. my lower lip quivered.. (yes a bit dramatic ...ta-hee) and simply said "IT'S AMAZING GORGESOUS" and one of the most incredibly made mini's I have ever seen!

Dear Velma,

Thank you my dear friend for the most special - beautiful - breathtaking mini ever!!

I love it!!

With a Grateful, Thankful, Happy Grin,


I will be posting pictures of this gorgeous mini very soon.. Advanced WARNING: it will be a VERY PHOTO HEAVY post !!.... Wait til you see the details, and talents of Velma! Whoa..

Also, a video is pending.... I need to edit a 25 min video down

Yikes, I'm rethinking the mini I made for her!! LOL .. I might have to start all over from scratch!! :)


With a happy grin,


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

*CLOSED* National Scrapbooking Day *NSD 2010*: 1ST Giveaway!


**drawing is May 1st **

NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY (NSD) is right around the corner!!! And this year NSD falls on May 1st - a beautiful HAPPY SATURDAY!! TA-HEEE!!! I have to tell you.. NSD is one my favorite scrappy events! It ranks just below CHA, EXPOs, conventions, ETC.! And this year I'm even more excited because I'm doing a giveaway!

Normally, my NSD day activities are quiet SIMPLE and usually goes something like this:
  • I visit ALL my favorite ON-LINE scrapbooking stores: look for exciting deals/specials, browse creative NSD projects, participate in fun challenges, etc.
  • Days before NSD I do my local scrapbooking store research...I find out if they are having special classes, promotions, sales, whatever? Unfortunately, many of our local scrapbooking business have closed so that doesn't leave me with much to research. So this year I will focus my NSD activities mainly ON-LINE :)
  • I make sure my 'scrapbooking' wish list is updated and sitting right next to my computer monitor.. so when I get into my 'frenzy MUST BUY' state on NSD.. I'll have my little list to help guide me. Sounds like a good plan right? hmm.. I'm curious to see how it goes!
  • Oh! and I have my favorite BLOGs that I love to blog hop on NSD!! :)
  • But lastly, this year for NSD 2010, I want to have JUST A BIT MORE FUN! So, in celebration of National Scrapbooking Day, I will be doing5 'With A Grin' GIVEAWAYS on Saturday May 1st!!
  • So.. while YOUR doing YOUR NSD blog hops...Come join me @ With A Grin on NSD & leave a comment for a chance to win! Just stop by and share how your spending your super fun NSD DAY!! :)
Doesn't May 1st seem so far away... It does to me!! So I'm going to start it off early by posting my 1st NSD Giveaway!!

** A NSD Mini Album Kit ** using all my favorite brands (Webster's Pages, Tim Holtz, Prima, 7 Gypsies, etc.. )

Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win!!!
{TELL ME WHAT YOU USUALLY DO FOR NSD??!!! GOT ANY GREAT TIPS OR MUST DO'S??!!} A winner will be selected May 1st.

* * * GOOD LUCK!!!! * * *
FYI - This weekend I will be posting a YouTube video of my NSD 2010 KIT that I will be giving away on May 1st! No worries, I will be using comments on the YouTube video AND this post comments! ;) Remember, this is only the first of the five giveaways.. the others you can visit my blog of May 1st for a chance to win those!

Thanks for stopping by & I hope everyone's having a happy scrappy time!!

With A Grin,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tim Holtz + Gingerbread Girl (Joyce) = Great Happy Birthday Surprise!

I had to share my excitement and thankfulness.. ok... I can't get through ANY scrappy project without using a Tim Holtz product so you'll understand why I'm so giddy:

First, Thank You Joyce ~ your thoughtfulness overwhelms me!! Joyce @ the mysugarplumcottage.blogspot.com sent me a birthday present in the mail today! Thank you a million times over.. holy SMOKES!!

I'm giddy because this is 'The BOOK" of the year and I have a copy of it in MY little scrappy hands!! TA-HEEE...

AND... it gets BETTER!! Mr. Tim Holtz, the Artistic Rock Star that he is... sent me his latest book "A Compendium of Curiosities" signed with a pretty cool birthday wish!

I love how he signed it ".... 'be CURIOUS...' with a grin --Tim Holtz 2010"!!!

That little message right there was a inspiring gift in itself (in addition to his fabulous book) because being curious is my little key that guides me to try new things without hoopla constraints!


So, here's my quick book report because I'm just so feeling the need to write a book report on MY BIRTHDAY??!! Uh... YEAH, if Tim Holtz is involved:

Date: 12 Apr 2010
Title: A Compendium of Curiosities
Author: Tim Holtz

Front Cover: GREAT title because he's so right... His book is loaded with a "full list or inventory" of the CURIOSITIES of OUR Scrappy World! :)

Inside Pages: HOLY SMOKES ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! LOVE IT! If you haven't picked up your copy of his book...You gotta get it! It's loaded with pictures of amazing projects, must-try techniques and awesome detailed instructions! Thank you Tim for a guide to all fabulous techniques!!

Back Cover: I haven't got that far.. I'm still eyeballing the heck outta each page, each detail....THIS IS A MUST HAVE BOOK! ;)

Joyce ~ Again, thank you soo much.. you've touched my creative scrappy happy heart!

{and please forgive me... 2 quick giddy-dorky photos with my new bedtime story book..lol}

Now.. off to dream land ... and may your scrappy dreams be filled with "techniques that have endless possibilities"!

with a grin,

**** Challenge/Giveaway Post tomorrow! :) *****

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Velma "Super Sweetness" you ARE!!!

An exciting project I was pleased/happy/excited/honored to be a part of!!

When asked if I'd make a page for a "Velma" Mini.. with no hesitation - YES!
**Special Thanks to Bona for coordinating the Velma Surprise Mini**

Supplies used:

- All the product used to make this mini was a from Velma.
- All the words, colors, charms, etc. hold a special meaning
- Lots of TLC!

Thank you Velma! Your sweetness, generosity & beautiful spirit sings in our scrappy world!

I hope everyone's having a happy, scrappy time!! Have a great week and I got something fun planned that I'll share on Tuesday! :)

with a grin,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whoa! HELLO April!

'Catch up my blog' time with some of simple pleasures!

Here's a conglomeration of the past couple of months of what's been going on in my world in a {Warning: F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E photo heavy} post!

January ~

{Scrapbooking Expo}


{Exciting Fun Class with Liz @Tattered Angels.. played with new glimmer GLAM:
{ Liz H. = Fun-Super Talented instructor! }

{and more simple IMPORTANT pleasures}
Mini vacation to play in the snow...

February ~

{ ahhh .. beach play.. }


{Daisy - getting bigger....}

April ~

{Hiking in our local mountains ... with honey, boys and Daisy }

California Poppy's are HERE!~ love the brilliant color!
{discussion on how to choose a path}

Yes, he *KNOWS* i love flowers....

List of my current 2010 happy scrappiness:
- favorite project lately: Working on my Velma Mini that I started LAST YEAR!! oh-vay! :)
- favorite new scrappy tool: the crop-a-dile corner chomper (wow.. I get why everyone loves it- man o man it corners like butter)
- favorite new papers: Prima everything 2010
- favorite new stamp:
All Things Considered, Botanical Bliss

- Current mini's "in-progress":
{.. pondering .. who??}

wow .. that was a woozy post! i feel like i got a quick 'capture' of the last several months... ...feel so much better! but still feel like somethings missing... hmmm.. GOT IT: I'm missing whats new and scrappy-happy with you! TA-HEEE... Leave a comment and share :)

Hope everyones having a happy-scrappy time!

with a grin,