Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I AM BLOWN AWAY !!!!! Mini Received from Velma :)

******** Video of the most beautiful mini *********

OK... there is no way I'm worthy of THIS BEAUTIFUL-AMAZING-JUST GORGEOUS MINI album that Velma made!!

Velma and I agreed to do a mini album swap with each other... {last year} !! I'll spare all the details .. long story short I received her's in the mail today! And well .. my chin hit the ground.. my lower lip quivered.. (yes a bit dramatic ...ta-hee) and simply said "IT'S AMAZING GORGESOUS" and one of the most incredibly made mini's I have ever seen!

Dear Velma,

Thank you my dear friend for the most special - beautiful - breathtaking mini ever!!

I love it!!

With a Grateful, Thankful, Happy Grin,


I will be posting pictures of this gorgeous mini very soon.. Advanced WARNING: it will be a VERY PHOTO HEAVY post !!.... Wait til you see the details, and talents of Velma! Whoa..

Also, a video is pending.... I need to edit a 25 min video down

Yikes, I'm rethinking the mini I made for her!! LOL .. I might have to start all over from scratch!! :)


With a happy grin,



  1. Wow, this is amazing!! But you totally deserve it because your mini's are always super amazing too!!!! It is so good to see your blog updates pop up on my homepage again!! Tfs x

  2. OMgosh! Are you serious? I'm not taking a re-make! I want my original mini from you!!!!! Yeah, I'm yelling the words~ but nicely! So happy you like you mini. Love and hugs, Velma

  3. WOW! That is soooooooo gorgeous!!!

  4. wow, so gorgeous!! i can't wait to see all the details! from what i can see, it's amazing! thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day, steff :)! *hugs* steph :)

  5. OHHH That does look amazing! I agree with Louise, you def deserve a magical beautiful one, Your minis are always so stunning :-)
    Looking forward to the video steph X

  6. Wow! That's just gorgeous. Can't wait to see the detailed pics!

    Lee Ann

  7. the cover of the album is beautiful, can't wait for the rest of the photos and video.

  8. I agree with Louise, you have touch us all with your sweet words....and beautiful mini's.
    Thanks for being you.....

  9. just fabulous! can't wait to see the pics.

  10. WOW!!!!! steff, did you do a video on it???? You certainly DESERVE it girl, you both do such amazing things for each other and other people, and you share all these beautiful works of ART with us all. I carnt wait to see it on film. The old saying is, GOOD THINGS COME TO PEOPLE WHO WAIT!!!!, HEHEHEHE, they sure do. Well done Velma, just beautiful.
    Hugs X :-)

  11. yesssssssss so a video on it...i love your videos, biggggggggggg hugggggggggsss girlie.

    Always Charity

  12. Hello Stephanie,

    I found your blog by way of Patti - this gift from your friend Velma is so gorgeous! The beautiful book is so amazing to see that one has to stop and back up and start again from the beginning! :<)

    WOW! is all one can say!

    Wishing you a great weekend!

    Barbara Diane

  13. WOW!!! STUNNING!!!! I love all the goodies you received...you are one blessed happy scrappy chic!

  14. SPEECHLESS!!! :D This mini is extremely beautiful, made with lots of love and thoughts!! Steff, Velma is so talented just like you!! You both are really a perfect trade partners. I am very sure the mini you making for her is just as gorgeous!! TFS!!
    Love, Connie

  15. I have never seen anything like this before... I have no words... I saw yours too, soooo fantastic, great! I hope to be able - after many years :)- and do things like yours...!!!