Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day * THANK YOU*

A swelling heartfelt "Thank you" to all the men and women who have served our country.

**photo: Gunny's flag pole (at my father's house-retired Marine Corp.)

God bless all those who have served, who have given their lives, who are currently in harms way, and all the families (wives, mothers, fathers, sibblings, all relatives, friends) who sacrifice so much for our country.

Thank you to my husband - I remember your service and am honored to be your wife :)

Enjoy your Memorial Day :)

with a proud grin,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Me Winter Me Mini Album

Making a mini album using the NSD kit I won from Kathryn - Life On the {Scrap}beach:

Man o man... When I seen this kit I knew it was going to be a challenge because I've never done a mini with contents like these!! ... funky fun prints, BRIGHT bold colors and exciting embellies!

I turned this kit into a "challenge" kit by limiting myself to:
  • using ONLY the kit contents! (+ glue, scissors, black ink)
  • using at least 90% of the kit!
  • and giving myself 1 nite to do it!
So, THIS....

Turned into THIS:

Thank you Kathryn for a really fun and challenging - super cute kit!! I had alot of fun putting it together!

AND.. I'm 'giving back' by giving this little funky mini album away!!

With a Grin,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Scraps & Prima" Scrapbooking Mini Album

Hi everyone..

I was on @ Marion's Live Prima show/class ( ) a few weeks ago and ended up making this really easy-super-cute mini album! At first glance of the mini she was preparing to do a tutorial on that nite.... well... I have to say.. I immediately thought "nope.. too time consuming for me!". See her project was super cute..BUT IT HAD A 'BINDING' project that went with it!! OOh too much for me! I love projects that are fun, fast and not too time consuming ! So, I figured I'd just pull some SCRAP papers and follow along. AND..GREAT NEWS : I HAD A BLAST! The project/mini was super easy, FUN and not time consuming at all!! :) I love how the mini turned out.. so then I decided it NEEDED *PRIMA* flowers! Ta-hee!!

So anyways *YOU GOTTA TRY to make one of these fun minis LADIES* ... its super fun & easy and a great mini! SO PULL OUT YOUR SCRAPS... assemble and then have fun beautifying your mini with PRIMA flowers :)

Hope your all having a happy scrappy time!

With A Grin,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today's a day dedicated to celebrate Mother's ..... but secretly I'm celebrate the fact that I am a Mother.

I love being a Mother..
I love hearing 'oh, Mom!'..
I love when they hand me a freshly pulled flower..
I love that they have several of my husbands traits...
I love that when they make chocolate covered strawberries.. they make a mess!
I love laying with them and making up silly stories ..
I love when they look over at me and just give a goofy smile..
I love that when they mess up that they tell me with uncertainty in their face...
I love that my honey and I, get to share the pleasure of all the 'firsts'..
I love that there are GI Joe action figures in my shower...
I love when they just 'have to show' me the lizard they caught...
I love how they stand next to me to see how tall they are..
I love when they outta the blue say 'I love you Mommy'...
I love feeling proud of them..
I love holding their hands when we walk..
I loved writing this list ..thinking of all my favorite things!!
There are too many favorites to list to a never ending list.


Simple happy Mommy pleasures from today.... I'm blessed:

my super sweet honey... spoiled me with this tasty Mother's Day breakfast with all my favorites: .. ham & cheese yummy omelet.. .. my favorite coffee mug...
.. toast and with orange marmalade.. .. fresh strawberries.... thankful I am!!

Omy gosh.. is Tyler an artist already or what? LOOK at those BUTTERFLIES.. pulling the spiders by their butts! lol .. He pointed out the pink flower floating in the sky.. he was so proud he made a perfect heart. He HAS a perfect heart. I'm in LOVE.

inside this super pretty white bag was his gift he's been so impatient to give me! I love it!!
I love that he used his fingerprints to make all the little pictures..

... tooo cute is this little fingerprint catepiller !! yep yep... an artist!!

Matthew... my sweetest ever... made me this beautiful 'MOM' sign .. painted and glazed to perfection! I love his little face inside my Mom Heart! ;) He gave me 'updates' to the progress of his SECRET school project every week! He already knows that 'girls' love surprises.. My heart is happy!!

Enjoy your day!

With A Mommy Grin,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"The Scrap Beach" Mini Album Kit (Excited Winner HERE!!)

On NSD, I was visiting one of my favorite sites {} and found out that I won a special NSD mini album kit!! ta-heee super excited!!! And... I already received it in the mail (whoa Kathryn's fast) and I love it!!! The kit is super cute & looks challenging with all the bold fun prints and colors! I'm excited to get started on it!! :)
Thank you Kathryn! ... for the mini album kit but more for hosting a super fun and challenging NSD 2010!! This year there were so many fun and exciting things to do, see and make!!

Here's a quick share...


And for you sweet special mommy's out there...
Super big squeezy "Happy Mother's Day" hugs!!
I hope you all get spoiled with all the happy scrappy delights you deserve!


Hope everyone's having a happy scrappy time!!

With a Grin,


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Velma's Mini {Warning: Photo Heavy}

Thank you Velma for the a super fun & special mini album swap!!

You sent such an amazing mini album kit for me to make a mini.. that wow.. it turned into a MEGA instead of a Mini! But I'm thrilled how it turned out and I loved the entire process from {the beginning} on agreeing on a paper line to use.. to taking our time to complete it {middle & most fun}.. to having to wait to make video (because I lost my voice -ugh) when it was time to ship {the end} !! :) So THANK YOU and I'm thrilled to have been lucky enough to be in a swap with you (incredibly talented)! Now I UNDERSTAND why when Martha Stewart was at your booth she lingered and spoke with you... ;)

The mini you made me touched my heart and I have the gift of being filled up with inspiration everytime I see it, open it.. think about it!! ITS JUST AMAZING GORGEOUS!!

I hope you enjoy this mini I made for you... it was so super fun to play with all the beautiful things you sent in your kit!

Here's some picts of the mini I made for you.... I hope you enjoy :) big super squeezy hugs!!

Hope everyone's having a Happy Scrappy Time!!

With A Grin,

Saturday, May 1, 2010


And the WINNER IS.......

Congratulations AYELET {Jenny}!

Please send me an email with your address so I can get these FLOWERS IN THE MAIL!! ;) !!!

With a grin,

Whew... what a day!! :) Hope everyone had a great time!! Would love to hear how you spent your day!! Tell me if I missed a great deal, a fun challenge, etc.. so I can try for next year!

Here's a little of how I spent my NSD day:
  • spent sometime on the 'Life On The Scrap Beach'.. got super excited because I WON something. TA-HEE don't know what I won... but it doesn't matter.. too fun!!! Everyone there is super sweet, talented & FUN!! :) LOVE it!!
  • Went to Treasured Memories (local scrapstore) oooh.. yeah! they had some fun stuff going.. but didn't have time to do make & takes.. (had a baseball game to attend) but found some super pretty papers for 1/2 off!
  • Did some serious on-line shopping... or shall I say 'hunting'!! yep... picked up a few things here and there.. one of my favorite buys this year was this: 4 Kaisercraft Beyond the Page Albums for $12.99 ! wow.. great deal! from flowers to flourishes
  • Made a few layouts for some of the challenges, did some blog hopping to see others projects/challenges they submitted!! THERES TON OF SCRAPPY eye candy being made out there!! *** THANK YOU ALL for the inspiration ***
  • Made a run to Michael's, Joanne's, Aaron brothers... see my sillyness here!
  • Checked my email and now time for some shut eye!

AND now for the final give away.....

Hmmm ....

what did I miss?????

hmmmm.. OH YES....

yeah HELLO!!???!!!

GOT to have *F*L*O*W*E*R*S!!! Ta-heee

{Love... FLOWERS!! "a million times" -Ty }

GOOD LUCK!! Leave a comment.. a WINNER will be 'random generized' tomorrow!! :)

With a Grin,


what my scrap desk has been looking like lately...

1 Set of NSD Winners!!! Congrats

  • NSD --> Mindy Hartwick!! {NSD Mini Album Kit}
  • NSD #0 -->Kim Cobb!! {XTRA surprise Goodie}
  • NSD #1 --> Mamascrapper69!! {Ribbons & Lace}
  • NSD #2 -->Crafting to Stay Sane!! {Fiskars Craft Knife}
  • NSD #3 -->Sandra Perdomo!! {DieCut Paper Pad & bling}
CONGRATULATIONS Winners! Send me an email with your address ;)


Giveaway #4 & #5

...THE Winners will be picked tomorrow "NSD Day 2" !!! LEAVE A COMMENT!! :) & HAVE FUN!! I've shopped and bought a few scrappy fun finds and working on challenges!! :)

Hope everyone's having a happy scrappy time!!

With A Grin,


... And the Winner is ??????

Hope everyone's having a great NSD!!!

Winner's please email me!! :)

With a NSD Grin,

NSD Giveaway #5 *CLOSED* See Winner Here!!

And the WINNER is......

Congratulations NATALIE!! Send me an email with your address :)

With A Grin,

"BRADS... BRADS ... BRADS..... Gotta Have BRADS!!!"

Here's a fun grab of some of my favorite SUPER CUTE brads from my favorite metal stash box!!



With a Grin,

Giveaway #4 *CLOSED* See Winner

And the WINNER IS.......

Congratulations Charity!

Please send me an email with your address so I can get these THICKERS IN THE MAIL!! ;) !!!

With a grin,


are you ready....FOR NEXT GIVEAWAY....???

wait for it...

wait for it...




You can NEVER have enough ALPHA'S!!!!!