Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today's a day dedicated to celebrate Mother's ..... but secretly I'm celebrate the fact that I am a Mother.

I love being a Mother..
I love hearing 'oh, Mom!'..
I love when they hand me a freshly pulled flower..
I love that they have several of my husbands traits...
I love that when they make chocolate covered strawberries.. they make a mess!
I love laying with them and making up silly stories ..
I love when they look over at me and just give a goofy smile..
I love that when they mess up that they tell me with uncertainty in their face...
I love that my honey and I, get to share the pleasure of all the 'firsts'..
I love that there are GI Joe action figures in my shower...
I love when they just 'have to show' me the lizard they caught...
I love how they stand next to me to see how tall they are..
I love when they outta the blue say 'I love you Mommy'...
I love feeling proud of them..
I love holding their hands when we walk..
I loved writing this list ..thinking of all my favorite things!!
There are too many favorites to list to a never ending list.


Simple happy Mommy pleasures from today.... I'm blessed:

my super sweet honey... spoiled me with this tasty Mother's Day breakfast with all my favorites: .. ham & cheese yummy omelet.. .. my favorite coffee mug...
.. toast and with orange marmalade.. .. fresh strawberries.... thankful I am!!

Omy gosh.. is Tyler an artist already or what? LOOK at those BUTTERFLIES.. pulling the spiders by their butts! lol .. He pointed out the pink flower floating in the sky.. he was so proud he made a perfect heart. He HAS a perfect heart. I'm in LOVE.

inside this super pretty white bag was his gift he's been so impatient to give me! I love it!!
I love that he used his fingerprints to make all the little pictures..

... tooo cute is this little fingerprint catepiller !! yep yep... an artist!!

Matthew... my sweetest ever... made me this beautiful 'MOM' sign .. painted and glazed to perfection! I love his little face inside my Mom Heart! ;) He gave me 'updates' to the progress of his SECRET school project every week! He already knows that 'girls' love surprises.. My heart is happy!!

Enjoy your day!

With A Mommy Grin,


  1. Oh I laughed at the GI Joe in the shower!!! That's hilarious!!! And all we moms of boys know just what you mean!! And holding hands, that was my FAVOURITE too! (They won't let me now!!)...and I got strawberries for breaky too, and avocado looks sooo yummy, my fave! Thanks for sharing that wonderful list and those adorable gifts - they are sooo sweet!!!!!

  2. This is way cool to spend the day with those you love and Love you. Im with you on that Steff, boys are so funny!!!!! Just adorable and so much fun (boyz).
    Thank you steff and love the brekkie, yummy.
    Love Yah girl XOX enjoy your day
    Arohanui XOX
    J :-)

  3. What a blessing! It certainly sounds like you had a great Mother's Day...the fingerprint creatures are super neat!

  4. Glad you had a fab Mother's day yesterday and what fab treat's, the finger print buddies are just so sweet!!!!

    Thanx for popping by my little blog getting your comments are so sweet, I'm really finding being creative a struggle at the mo but hopefully thing's are on the up and my mojo will be in full swing soon.... xx

  5. What a cute family you have! Glad you had a great day!
    hugs Alyson x

  6. thats so lovely,..... mmm the breaky looks real good!!!!
    So glad you had a lovely mothers day

  7. wow! what a wonderful mother's day you had!! mine was pretty good too. TFS!