Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whoosh! Summer Time is flying... a quick share!

Whoa!! To all you lucky gals who were able to make it to the Summer CHA in Chicago: *** PLEASE SHARE ALL THE JUICY DETAILS!!!** {Ok, I just had to get that out there! I wasn't one of the lucky gals but I'm still super excited to see what beautiful fun scrappy supplies everyone came up with!! please direct me to your blog ~ thanks! :) } AND.. OH MY GOODNESS!! Here's some picture of this Amazing Beautiful Metal Dress Form I received this weekend! It was created by Jann and I LOVE IT!! Holy smokes.. the picts don't do it justice... the rusted bottle cap with vintage time pieces, all the handmade charms are to super cute! there's the awesome tags with images that I've never even seen before! the one thing that pushes this treasure over the top for me is all the meaningful details she added to tailor it WAG :) She's very thoughtful and WAY SUPER TALENTED! You gotta check out her blog... She's always busy giving classes and just crafting so theres ALWAYS amazing projects to she on her site!! Now.. If I can convince her to do YouTube vid's ...???   NO JOKE! The details and her artwork she put into this dress form are just incredible beautiful!! BONUS: Jann is in the August Image Tag Swap and her tags are gorgeous!!!  {If your WORKING ON A DRESS FORM too...I'd love to see picts of  the treasure your creating!}
Designer: Jann

Thursday, July 15, 2010

AUGUST Image Tag Swap *CLOSED*


The image/tag swap filled-up super fast again !...... NO worries, we'll do one again real soon :)

Congratulations to all those who grabbed a spot!! An email will be going out soon letting you know your IN THE SWAP & with the details. :) 

Have fun with it! 
With A Grin, Steffogal1

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

August Image Tag Swap *OPEN*

SUPER EXCITED!! The AUGUST Image Tag Swap is OPEN for Sign-Ups!
This swap is exciting because it’s A SUPER FAST, FUN & EASY SWAP!! The images received are just gorgeous and include new 'just released' stamp images, 'hard to find' images or just 'not available anymore' images!! And for extra BONUS... the shipping cost is LOW-LOW!! TA-hee :) I LOVE IT!! 
Join the swap (hurry.. spots fill up FAST!) and have fun incorporating the received tags into your fun projects .... as fun journaling spot, super cute embellishments on layouts, exciting cards, or how about just simple pretty thank you tags??!! These tags are so versatile they can be used for anything!! Ink them up, distress them, add some glimmer mist...whatever ..just have fun!!! 
Anyways.. I'm excited to do another IMAGE SWAP ON TAGS! So pull out them STAMPS: HERO ARTS, PRIMA, TIM HOLTZ, INKADINKADOS, CLOSE TO MY HEARTS.... ANY brand of stamp will do!! :)
{A special 'Thank you' to the ladies in the last swap... the tags were amazing, fast shipping & just super fun times! thanks!}
  • Send me an e-mail and I will then send you a confirmation e-mail with the fun & simple details!!
When I receive all of the swaps I will then turn them around and mail back to you. I am so excited about this swap - I can't wait to get started - the hard part will be to figure out what stamps to use!!!!!
  • Choose 2 of your favorite stamps. Stamp the image on a standard size TAG!
  • USE Staz-On ink so that others can colour them in if desired
  • Stamp each image 10 times for a total of 20 images
  • MAILOUT DATE: AUGUST 1, 2010 and I will turn them around right away so we can have them in YOUR mailbox asap.
For more details, click here.

AND lastly... AGAIN.... THANK YOU so very Ladies for all your GREAT TAGS/Images you sent in... I LOVE-LOVE THEM!! :)

That's it for now! Hope you all are having a happy scrappy time!

With A Grin,

JULY Image Tag Swap Completed *all TAGS shipping this week*

Great News!! For those of you who participated in the JULY Image Tag Swap: YOUR SET OF TAGS are shipping this week!! :)

And Ladies, I have to tell you...ONCE AGAIN... YOUR TAGS were amazing perfect!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING THE SWAP!! YOUR images/tags are AMAZING & perfectly gorgeous! YOUR GOING TO LOVE THEM!! We have a great variety of images, tag sizes, shapes, etc!! ;) These tags are so versatile and can be used on all kinds of projects.. mini's, cards, layouts, etc!! Theres so many things you will be able to do with your tags!! VERY Exciting and I can't wait to incorporate them into my projects!! Thank you for choosing great images, getting the tags shipped on time and for just having fun with it!!

NOTE: The "Image/Tag Swap GOAL" was to keep the swap SUPER FUN, EASY, FAST & with LOW shipping costs! And I think we succeeded!!! I'm super excited just how easy, fun and fast it went!! Thank you ladies :)

**** and shhhhh a ..... secret drawing was done ...and ONE OF YOU IS A WINNER ....... Something *extra* is coming with your tags!!! ***

Sign-ups for the AUGUST 2010 Image Tag Swap is COMING SOON!! The swap details/sign-ups will be posted on my blog sometime real.. real ...real soon! wink-wink! :) ta-heee *** GOOD LUCK ***
Hope everyone's having a happy scrappy time! and thanks again!
With A Grin,

Friday, July 2, 2010

Scraps & Prima Mini Album fun **gotta try this one**

Hi everyone!

Here's a quick share of the super fun & fast MINI ALBUM project I just finished.... I saved up the flower packaging (Prima) and gathered up some pretty SCRAPS!!

Reason's why YOU GOTTA MAKE THIS little mini album:
  • Recycle those super gorgeous prima packaging materials!!
  • Use up them 'too cute to toss' scraps!!!
  • NO $$.. you have everything already!!
  • No FUSS!! its just scraps! :) 
  • small in size = fast, fast & FUN!!
and here's what you can come up with:

*****************PART 1 VIDEO: "SCRAPS & PRIMA"

*****************PART 2 VIDEO: "SCRAPS & PRIMA"


Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!! Be safe, have fun.. and GET THOSE CAMERA'S busy with lots of friends & family smiles! Add to your 'Must scrap this picture!!' stash!!

*** Random Recent -Simple Pleasure's- Picture Share ****

....this pict melts my 'mommy' heart!

- out on the town - BEFORE
- and back! from a nite out! - AFTER

yes... in so many ways!

And too all you super happy scrappy gals! May your 4th of July be a blast filled with glimmer mist, scrappy 4th of July sales & most of all... lots of fun times with your friends and family!
God Bless!! and Thank you for all your scrappy happiness you give to me!

With a Grin,