Friday, July 2, 2010

Scraps & Prima Mini Album fun **gotta try this one**

Hi everyone!

Here's a quick share of the super fun & fast MINI ALBUM project I just finished.... I saved up the flower packaging (Prima) and gathered up some pretty SCRAPS!!

Reason's why YOU GOTTA MAKE THIS little mini album:
  • Recycle those super gorgeous prima packaging materials!!
  • Use up them 'too cute to toss' scraps!!!
  • NO $$.. you have everything already!!
  • No FUSS!! its just scraps! :) 
  • small in size = fast, fast & FUN!!
and here's what you can come up with:

*****************PART 1 VIDEO: "SCRAPS & PRIMA"

*****************PART 2 VIDEO: "SCRAPS & PRIMA"


Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!! Be safe, have fun.. and GET THOSE CAMERA'S busy with lots of friends & family smiles! Add to your 'Must scrap this picture!!' stash!!

*** Random Recent -Simple Pleasure's- Picture Share ****

....this pict melts my 'mommy' heart!

- out on the town - BEFORE
- and back! from a nite out! - AFTER

yes... in so many ways!

And too all you super happy scrappy gals! May your 4th of July be a blast filled with glimmer mist, scrappy 4th of July sales & most of all... lots of fun times with your friends and family!
God Bless!! and Thank you for all your scrappy happiness you give to me!

With a Grin,


  1. Wow Stephanie. You are amazing. I think it's because you're just playing and having fun. You take a pile of stuff and the next thing you know there is a beautiful mini. You have a way of putting things together that is so inspiring.


  2. Beautiful Steph, I love how you co ordinated all the scraps into your beautiful Mini, you are so talented girl, and you have given me a new inspired love for green and brown.
    Thank you for sharing sweetie.

  3. this mini album is so beautiful, I love the way you give life to an album ! thank you for sharing

  4. WOW I am out of breath here!!This is such an amazing work Stephanie!!I adore your mini!You are a talented lady!
    have fun,love Lena xxxx

  5. So beautiful !! i love it, love the papers, the mini,everything!
    nice job!

  6. Hey Steph!
    Amazing mini as always, thanks for the photo share, beautiful photos x
    BTW not sure if you got my email to say thank you for the amazing flowers! I have just used some of them in my latests projects on my blogand on my first ever mini canvas lo`! so thank you so much ! Have a great 4th of July tomorrow, Happy independence day America! XXX

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  8. Looove your album :-) You are so good att making them :-) Love watching your videos :-)
    Have a fablius day :-) From Lena in Norway :-)

  9. LOVE that mini album! You are so talented and such an inspiration! :)

  10. This is a very beautiful album! You are so talented!! :)

  11. YOU ARE inCREDIBLE!!!! And the before & after pics are priceless!!!! Love ya, Steph!

  12. Leave it to you Steff to do this incredable is BEAUTIFUL.....hope your fourth is a great one...enjoy!

  13. the album is beautiful absoulutely LOVE it.

  14. It's beautiful. Everything you do is. I saw a youtube video a while back and some other person was also using the prima packaging to create a mini album. I can't think of her name at the top of my head but when I saw your post, I thought about that other person. Again, I LOVE your mini albums and your enthusiasm.

  15. Steph-I love how you pulled your scraps. I have been making a lot of cards lately-I went to my scrap bin pulled a paper and used that as the inspiration. I was able to use a lot of "stuff" that I have had for some time. I too have used the prima packaging. It is great. You are truly creative and I love to see what you do. thank you

  16. Steph-I love your creative spirit in this mini. Using your scraps is so good-I like how you put it all on a tray to see how it would all go together. I love how you create. thank you for sharing your ideas. kristy

  17. Once again, Speechless!! Absolutely love it!

  18. I love it.....Beautiful...But everything you do is...tfs!

  19. Ah Steph... gorgeous mini and outstanding photos!
    Love love love them all... the pics and the scrapping! TFS!!! Posting takes time and you have so many who follow and love you! Hugz- Joyce

  20. i love it you are so creative!!! :)

  21. Love your mini Steph!!!!! Love the colors you used on it!
    the picture of your boys in the water is breathtaking! What a great shot!

  22. Your talking my kinda language...I love to recycle..and you did a terrific job on this mini album...not to mention it is done in greens that are amongst my favorite colors. So this is truly "green" in more ways than one. (smile)I just love it. Really great post!

  23. That album is just gorgeous!
    Makes me very envious and as I am just beginning to learn all these tricks there are not many scraps around here right now

  24. your mind is great the fantastic thoughts and ideas that are in there, i wish i could just spend a little time seeing all the inspiration. thanks for all the inspiration that you give
    upnurse at aol dot com

  25. Happened across your dress form and had to look you up. I have a wire dress form that is about 3 or 4 ft tall. I have it now on my vanity top just staring at me. It only has a bird on one shoulder. Well, I LOVE what you have done with yours. I especially like the paper pieces you have put on it and now I am going to cut up some personal cards sent to me and attach (of course after spending some hours making sure they look cuter - hahaha). One of these days will send you a picture.