Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whoosh! Summer Time is flying... a quick share!

Whoa!! To all you lucky gals who were able to make it to the Summer CHA in Chicago: *** PLEASE SHARE ALL THE JUICY DETAILS!!!** {Ok, I just had to get that out there! I wasn't one of the lucky gals but I'm still super excited to see what beautiful fun scrappy supplies everyone came up with!! please direct me to your blog ~ thanks! :) } AND.. OH MY GOODNESS!! Here's some picture of this Amazing Beautiful Metal Dress Form I received this weekend! It was created by Jann and I LOVE IT!! Holy smokes.. the picts don't do it justice... the rusted bottle cap with vintage time pieces, all the handmade charms are to super cute! there's the awesome tags with images that I've never even seen before! the one thing that pushes this treasure over the top for me is all the meaningful details she added to tailor it WAG :) She's very thoughtful and WAY SUPER TALENTED! You gotta check out her blog... She's always busy giving classes and just crafting so theres ALWAYS amazing projects to she on her site!! Now.. If I can convince her to do YouTube vid's ...???   NO JOKE! The details and her artwork she put into this dress form are just incredible beautiful!! BONUS: Jann is in the August Image Tag Swap and her tags are gorgeous!!!  {If your WORKING ON A DRESS FORM too...I'd love to see picts of  the treasure your creating!}
Designer: Jann
Quick Updates and some questions answered: Update: The August Image Tag Swap is going great! I've already received alot of amazing fun tags early THANK YOU!! Q: I didn't get the set of tags that were shown on YouTube. Why? A: All the tags are amazing gorgeous and I post a video (sometimes) on one or two of the sets. There are a few groups and I randomly sort and send out the tags! I hope you enjoy :) Q: What am I working on? A: A Basic Grey 'Origins' Mini Album! Making it super SIMPLE & BASIC.. I want to show some of those "New to Making Mini Albums" thats it really NOT HARD AT ALL! :) Hope everyone's having a great summer! KEEP THOSE CAMERA'S CLOSE BY!! With a grin, Steffogal1


  1. I love this. What a great idea. You are one lucky girl.

  2. What a gorgeous dress form! You are one lucky duck! :)

  3. Oh so green with envy here!!! Super Fantastic!

  4. These dress forms are gorgeous I haven't seem anything like it here in the uk :(
    Have a great week!
    hugs Alyson x

  5. Steffer's.....
    Your most welcome doll...I loved taking YOUR idea....and making something that reminds me of how greatly talented I think YOU are. It was GREAT finding one here and sending it to you...I love when we can all share!!!!
    We are ALL so very lucky to have you in our circle of friends...:o)I LOVE "the beach" and am blessed all the ladies that have granted me their friendships...:o)
    So much talent and warmth...:o) I am tickled that you like it!
    Huggers and smiles from the miles dear one....

  6. Can't wait to see the new mini for beginners...that would be me!!

  7. Beauty at it's best ! I LOVE IT !!! I need to get working on mine ! Thanks so much for sharing ! Best !!!!! XXX

  8. Wow thats a gorgeous dress form Steff!! You are soooooo lucky!! :D Thanks for sharing... if I do find 1 here, might want to try it out!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    Sending hugs from Switzerland!!