Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Image/Tag Swap Completed *All TAGS Shipped!*

Great News!! For those of you who participated in the August Image Tag Swap: YOUR SET OF TAGS have been shipped!! :)

I KNOW I say this every time but... 

Ladies, I have to tell you...YOUR TAGS were amazing perfect!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING THE SWAP!! YOUR images/tags are AMAZING & perfectly gorgeous! YOUR GOING TO LOVE THEM!! We have a great assortment of images, tag sizes, shapes, etc!! ;) These tags are so versatile and your going to be thrilled on using them on all your scrappy projects.. mini's, cards, layouts, etc!! VERY Exciting and I can't wait to incorporate them into my projects!! Thank you for choosing great images, getting the tags shipped on time and for just having fun with it!!

NOTE: The "Image/Tag Swap GOAL" is to keep OUR Swaps SUPER FUN, EASY, FAST & with LOW shipping costs! And we were definately successful in our goal....  I'm thrilled- excited just how easy, fun and fast it our swaps go!! 

Thank you ladies :)

Here's a quick peak at just 'some' of the tags:

**** AND, another WAG SECRET DRAWING was done ... and ONE OF YOU IS A WINNER !!!  Something *extra* is coming with your tags!!! TA-HEEE ***


Sign-ups for the SEPTEMBER 2010 Image Tag Swap is COMING SOON!! The swap details/sign-ups will be posted on my blog sometime real.. real ...real soon! wink-wink! :) ta-heee *** GOOD LUCK ***
Hope everyone's having a happy scrappy time! and thanks again!


  1. OMG!! Fingers crossed I get the mad hatter set!! I LOVE Alice!!! Super cool tags!!
    And congrats to Alyson!!!

    Thanks Stephanie for doing all these tag swaps!!

  2. Stephanie,
    Thanks for doing the tag swaps!! I can't wait to get my tags, and I really want to participate in the next swap!! I hope I am lucky and get on the list!!!

  3. Dear Steff,
    Thank you so much for the hard work of putting this swap together. I LOVE this swap and every month I WAIT like a little kid on Christmas morning for my tags. I hope to be in the next as well. Thank you for the "ride" at the end of your video. It made me feel like a "kid" again.

    best regards,

  4. Looks like a lot of work went into putting this together.. I hope I can make the next round!

  5. This is such a gorgeous swap thanks for all the gorgeous images, I feel so inspired by you ladies that go the extra mile thanks soooo much.
    Stephanie you are faboulus for putting this swap together. thanks so much for all your trouble.

  6. Hey Ms. Stephanie, love seeing all of the different tags... so beautiful hope to get a spot in the September round!


  7. Thanks for sharing the tags with us! I'm gonna stalk your blog hoping to get in the Sept. swap!LOL

  8. As usuall my dear are a Gem for all your efforts and hard work putting these all together and getting them out to us all. I a SOOOOOO excited to get them...and see ALL the talent!!!! and images....:o) SOOOOOO MUCHHHHH FUNNNNN...thanks again to all the ladies and their wonderful talents...:o) and many, many thanks to you Steff!!!!! Huggers and smiles from the miles...

  9. LOL - ohhhhh, I should have stamped in black ink, eh?! All good! Had a blast and super psyched about getting the tags in the mail. Bummed I missed out on September's - but that gives me time to think about October ; )
    Thanks again, Steff!