Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday *Update*

Just a quick "Happy Friday Everyone!" post .... and a set of "Recent Random Photos" that made me GRIN!

I have to tell you .. a couple of things (ok..of a few things)  I'm super excited about ---Ta-Hee:

- I will be shipping out the SEPTEMBER IMAGE TAGs for this months Swap!!! ** keep an eye out for the Sept Image Tag Swap video.. showing off all your amazing tags!! YOUR going to LOVE what you see!**

- and ... NO SECRET: I will be Opening the October IMAGE TAG Swap this weekend!!! I see you gals waiting.. and will try and hurry and get this posted!! :)

- *BONUS* I did a DRAWING for SEPT IMAGE TAG SWAP!! If you were part of this swap.. your name was put into my little empty Prima Tin Can and a little boys hand swooshed the names around.. and pulled one lucky winners name out!! The winner of the 'xtra goodie' will be announced in the Sept Image Tag swap video showing of your amazing tags ladies!! :)

- my first BM DT project has been sent and will post this Monday over at!

- I did the drawing for my BM DT celebration.. ooh.. so excited !!! ONE OF YOU is a lucky winner!! :) I loaded the box with super fun scrappy happiness!!

Now.. off to the Recent Random Photos .. with a Grin! Have a great happy scrappy weekend!! :)

 melt my heart...

to stinkin' cute! 

 love it!

I have no words TA-HEE!! :)


  1. You are too funny with the ups truck (keep your eyes on the road!). What is the first picture you posted here? it looks like a mini??!?? love the colors.

  2. I'm sooo excited to see the tags.They always turn out so nice. Thanks so much for all your trouble.
    Big hugs

  3. Really fun photos...made me smile!

  4. Can`t wait to see your DT project for BM! and wow for the ongoing tag swaps! I used to be part of an international tag swap but the last two times I entered only got tags for a small number in my group (Only one tag in one, and two in another :()
    I might join one of your fab ones in the future, not yet though I have too much going on at the mo lol

  5. Steffie....
    You caught Bentley and I out riding the bike...
    LOLOLOL...we were looking for you but then....we saw you from a far...checking out the UPS driver's leggins....tanned and bronze...Oh my...I about hit a parked car...but then Bentley and I were "incognito" with our grey wigs on flappin in the breeze...:o)LOLOL...just sending you a giigle galpal...have a wonderful weekend...can't wait to see what you've come up with for the BM DT...:o) you talented beach babe you...:o)

  6. Obviously you are just as obsessed with UPS as I am....although I think the California ones have better legs! tfs...cute photos! can't wait to see the vid and project!

  7. Your book is drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!

  8. I am laughing like crazy here- that last photo of the UPS truck and driver! Made me think of our guy "Chippy" who delivers almost daily to the shop. We've turned him into a monster ego!!
    Not as cute as the other drivers we've had and salivated over, but we do have fun with him!

    on another note- more serious, I love love love your book!!!!!