Sunday, September 12, 2010

SEPT Image Tag Swap *Update* (soon to be in your hands!)

** I KNOW, I know.. I say this everytime..but...

Super exciting :) Your SEPTEMBER tags are being shipped and I have to tell you... THANK YOU for making this IMAGE TAGE Swap another great successful FUN/simple/Fast/TA-HEE Swap! I love it!! YOUR Images are stunning amazing.. and ladies.. you all sent in the best of the best! I'm just thrilled with this months tags! We have a large group.. so I hope you enjoy the set of tags you receive! They are all *G*R*E*A*T!!! WAIT TIL YOU SEE THEM!! ok.. enuf!

Oh!!! AND THE LUCKY WINNER FOR THIS MONTHs tag swap drawing..
.... DAWN Edwards :) CONGRATULATION... your name was drawn!! 

Hope your all having a happy scrappy time!! :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh my! I'm so lucky! I get tags and a Super Sweet surprise! Thanks so much for Hosting the tag Swap! you are the Sweetest Ever and a Great Inspiration to Us all! I'm Proud to call you my Friend and one of my Scrap Idols!