Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tim Holtz & Graphic 45 "Mag{ic}-netic Mini Board" (Bluemoon DT Project)

HI Everyone! **SUPER EXCITING ---> here's another SUPER FUN & EASY GRAPHIC 45 & TIM HOLTZ PROJECT!! I LOVE how it turned out!! It's a magnetic board - PERFECT EXCITING for displaying random pictures, notes, whatever!! .. {and BONUS: shhhh... hiding passwords or safe combo's in SECRET POCKETS}!!! All the scrappy happiness I used can be found over at BLUEMOON SCRAPBOOKING :)

Scroll to the bottom for a list of the products used for this SUPER FUN MAGNETIC BOARD project!!



{here's the video.... a little goodie giveaway to whoever answers the question in the video right!}

WHOA!! Here's some of the exciting scrappy happiness I used for this project!  GRAPHIC 45 & TIM HOLTZ (does it get any better??) :) 
Go over to BLUEMOON SCRAPBOOKING and get yours before its gone! 

41 00173

74 656625

and.. NEW EXCITING Tim Holtz Happiness..

74 92872

and.. hello! .. this cool chain set:

Alrighty!!  That's all for now... I hope all you talented gals out there are having a great time PLAYING WITH ALL YOUR gorgeous GRAPHIC 45 & TIM HOLTZ Goodies!! Remember.... JUST GLUE IT & DO IT!


  1. Stephanie... first, what utter SCRAPPY MAGIC you've created. What a marvellous idea also. You're right - Tim Holtz & Graphic 45 - match made in scrappy, happy heaven. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity with us all.

    Question... OMGooshness ( I hope I got the count right... hehe) - TIM HOLZ is the WINNER (18) to Graphic 45's (9) - I was running out of fingers/toes... LOL! Then after you posted... you said both names once more. You know they need you as there marketing manager...

    take care - have an awesome day


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  3. Oh WOW! What a super great treat full of yummy goodness! You've out done yourself!
    My daughter loved it as well and wanted to count your Tim Holtz vs Graphic 45 question... She got Tim Holtz as the winner. You mentioned Tim Holtz (19) times and Graphic 45 -(10) during the entire video (including the (1) you mentioned for Tim & Graphic right after "quick question text". lol I was drooling too much lol
    Thank you for sharing your amazing talents!
    Cheers! Catherine (and Emily)
    Abrewfam at comcast dot net

  4. Wow is all I can Say! This Project is Soo Fun!!
    Tim Holtz was said More throughout the Entire Video, That's for Sure! Tim Holtz was Said 19 Times, While Graphic 45 You said 10 Times!
    Love all Your Work, Thanks for Sharing!!

  5. Hey Steff, another awsome project, Thanks for the inspiration!
    Answer to your question: You said Tim Holtz the most ( Tim Holtz 19 times and Graphic 45 10 times lol!)
    Hugs Alyson x

  6. Hey Steffers....GREAT fantastic new project. I LOVE IT!!!!! But then again you are AWESOMELY talented my dear.
    I say you mentioned Tim 18 times and that great G45 8 times.....
    have the best day doll.....

  7. You mentioned Tim Holtz 18 times...almost 19 but one of the products was Prima. Graphic 45 was 10 times! Thanks for a chance to win!

  8. You are too funny! Tim Holtz won at 19 and Graphic 45 was 10. Your mini board is AWESOME! Love how you hid your CLEVER!!

  9. Love, love, love this idea. And who doesn't love TH & G45? Tim won the count, hands down: 19 times counting the one Prima oops. G45 came in second with only 10. The hidden pockets... an ingenious idea! What will you think of next?

  10. Wow! This is why you're on a design team. I never would have thought of something like that. Cool project! Gotta try it!
    You definitely said Tim Holtz more than G45. Think you said TH 18 times and G45 8 times.

  11. Wow this is a great project!!! I would say Tim Holtz is the winner!!

  12. Without no doubt Tim Holtz is the big winner !!! (19 times for TH against 10 times for G45 !)

  13. And that is super gorgeous!!!
    Your amazing Steph!!!!!
    we are all just falling in luv with Tim Holtz & raphics 45 products more and more lol
    Great idea to pop in the products used Steph!

  14. Fantastic! Great idea for Christmas gifts but where did you get the magnetic board? Did you make it? I went to Blue Moon Scrapbooking and couldn't find it.

  15. T!m w!ns! Both you and T!m are such inspirations! Fabulous as usual, S! I can't wait for my supplies to arrive!

  16. Stephanie, I just started making a few minis. I spent last night watching every video you have on you tube and I have to say you are one talented gal! WOW, your mini are gorgeous!!! I am inspired to make another one. I made one last week but haven't upload to my blog yet. I will later today and come back and link.
    Thanks for your enthusiasm and talent!

  17. This is a great project. You did a wonderful job! Did I mention Tim Holtz? You did : ) I enjoy your videos and your beautiful work. Where do you find the metal sheet?

  18. Beautiful project and I love the details on the magnetic buttons. Timmy was mentioned 19x and Graphic 45 was 10x. It's a work of art that is interactive!! Thank you for sharing your talent and encouragement to fellow scrappers.

  19. Stephanie your project is so inspiring!!!! my hubby is getting jealous of TIM HOltz!!! he heard the video and had to leave the room!!!LOL

  20. Did anyone ever find these magnetic boards???? I can't find one anywhere!