Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OCT Image Tag Swap *Update* (soon to be in your hands!)

Hi Everyone! The October tags have been sorted and will be mailed out this week! I'm thrilled with the tags and I know your going to LOVE THEM! :) We received alot of amazing fun images for Halloween, vintage, journaling spots, holidays, etc! Keep an eye out for them in your mail box! THANK YOU LADIES for another successful great swap and for making it simple & exciting fun!! :)  I'll be posting a video soon of your tags!! Gosh, I love this swap!

When's the next Image Tag Swap?

  • I will be doing the next Image Tag Swap in January! :) I know, I know.. that's right... its time to get ready for the holidays and enjoy.. so the I will be starting up the swap again in 2011! What.. 2011??!! Crazy wild.. can you believe it - 2011! ?? I have tons to do before it hits! ta-hee!

And, who won the GIVEAWAY from the previous post? 

  • Super excited.. the Giveaway winner for the previous post is Snickerdoodlin' Journal said...Stephanie...Question... OMGooshness ( I hope I got the count right... hehe) - TIM HOLZ is the WINNER (18) to Graphic 45's (9) - I was running out of fingers/toes... LOL! Then after you posted... you said both names once more..... Darlene

Congratulations Darlene -  I'll be sending you a few fun scrappy goodies! Email me your address! :)


  1. Yeah!!! I can't wait to get them!!! Too Much Fun!! I hope to participate again in January!!! I will be watching for posts during the holidays as well as your shares on YouTube and the G45 Blog!!!


  2. JANUARY?????? Honeeeeeee....well okay...LOL
    You best be posting some fantastically, wonderful, exzuberant thangs here darlin....in between that time....LOL
    Love ya galpal....Huggers for your mugger...
    Tater tot

  3. LOL!!! I don't know which to respond to first.... OMGooshness I'm at a lose for words (and that's unusual... hehe)

    1st: Will definitely be hanging out for Jan 11 to turn up... and see if I can make it in to your image tag swap - they look super FUN to be apart of. Hope you have a wonderful time prepping for the festive season - that's always a wonderful time.

    2nd: I'm super excited Steff... to win a prize. I'd yell out loud but you may not hear me across the ocean and I don't think hubby would appreciate me yelling in excitement when he's trying to get some sleep after a night shift... hehe. Thank you so very much for all your wonderful creativity and inspiration.

    sending you an email pronto...

    take care... have a gorgeous day filled with creativity & inspiration

  4. I have received tags today. they are super cute!!

  5. I got the tags yesterday! I sat at the table and opened the envelope. Hubby and our youngest son were just staring at me as I scrambled to get the envelope open. This was my first swap and I was like a kid on Christmas. I so LOVE all of them. I swear as I was looking through them I was thinking I know where I can use this one and this one :) Thanks for hosting such an AMAZING swap. I hope January comes soon!!

  6. Just found your blog and fell in love with all that you are creating. Great work.