Sunday, January 9, 2011


OK... your going to ask "how can someone get so excited over XL (Wide) Eyelets?

and I can tell you..... ta-hee.. because they are HARD HARD HARD TO FIND (well for me and all those scrappy gals out there who are always sending me emails asking "where...? Where!? Where!? can I get those eyelets!!?? ARGH!!! UGHH!!" 

I am always on the search to find the XL (Wide) Eyelets that I LOVE-LOVE using on my projects and get tons of emails asking where I get them! Well, my last bulk order I put in has almost ran out (I use these eyelets alot) and I'M SO EXCITED because I found them over at BLUEMOONSCRAPBOOKING.COM!! Are you kidding me??!! How did I not know BM carried these??! I am beyond thrilled and had to share this info with you!! :) ta-hee... Go get your order in before I get them all!! ta-hee!! I'm stocking up! There's also the smaller eyelets too... so happy!

I tell you.. I love love SIMPLE PLEASURES!! :) Thank you BM!

here's my FAVORITE Eyelets... *ahhhh!! Hellooo there my beautiful metallic eyelets*

and THEN I found this super cute HEART ATTACK distressing tool --- I LOVE IT!! 
TOO SUPER CUTE IN THE shape of a HEART!! :) 

and.. a quick note on the image tag swap for February:
We have a couple of spots left and I'll be closing the swap tomorrow.. so hurry and email me to get your spot!!  :) Hope everyone's having a happy scrappy time!


  1. lol, happy with some eyelets....;-)
    I'm glad you got your hands on them...Have a great day!

  2. YEEEEE HAAAAAA....I LOVEEEEE wide eyelets, too and they are REEEEALY hard to find.....;o) Glad you shared this post!!!!!
    Hope your fine doll.....:o) Huggers tater style....

    1. I am a new scrapper ... XL eyelets are beautiful ... can i use the regular cropadile hole puncher 3/16 width ??

  3. Love that Blue Moon is carrying those! I didn't know....need to add to my supply! :c)

  4. so glad you got the eyelets. I have never seen the extra large ones. You can bet I will be looking now. Grin
    Just found your blog and so very happy I did. I will be back.