Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crazy-Fun Feb Tag SWAP.. it WAS LOVE!! :)

The February Image Tag Swap has come to an end ... and I have to tell you... 
we received some GORGEOUS - BEAUTIFUL scrap-alious tags this go around!! AND i know its because of all that extra LOVE love LOVE going around in Feb. ! Yes, lots of LOVE went into making these tags.. you'll see what I mean when you receive them... hint: alot of you did MINI LOVE TAG KITS!! Blew my mind!! ***THANK YOU*** I KNOW how much work goes into this big super squeezy hugs to all of you for making this swap soo much fun for me!! easy, fun.. and just crazy beautiful !!! Ta-hee... I don't know.. but lots a beautiful images.. created by such talented scrappers!!!
YOU LADIES.. ROCK! OK.. SO, Your tags should be arriving shortly (i waited for the weather to permit me to get into the post office DRY!) ... and they are ready for you to use on all your wonderful projects that your doing to scrap you VALENTINE's LOVE Day and all the other magical moments in your world!

AND HEY!!?? I have to ask!!! 

HOW ARE YOU USING ALL THESE GORGEOUS TAGS??? SEND ME AN EMAIL.. Post a PICTS on your blog.. leave me a comment.. SHARE A VIDEO!! DO TELL!! SHARE with us all!! :) I'm so curious.. because I'M HAVING the greatest time incorporating tags -tags.. glorious tags.. into my projects!! xxoox

A video of all the tags will be upload today! Here's the final shot of the video! 

And.. the WINNER of the FEBRUARY TAG SWAP giveaway is....

Congratulations Melissa Q. (Junebugpins on YT)!!! A super fun-pretty mini album kit will be arriving with your February Tags!

Here's a sneak peak of the giveaway kit... its filled with tons of embellies.. pretty papers.. chipboard album ready for you to do your magic:

And... to answer "the Question"... when is the next image tag swap!!???

The next swap is scheduled for April!! :) Sign-ups will be posted on my blog 1ST week of March... if your interested! :) 

I hope all of you wonderful scrappers had a great Valentines Day... and getting ready for this next holiday?? Monday, right? hmmm... how can i scrap that holiday? don't know but the camera is always ready! 

one last things... *** thank you again .. from my scrappy heart to your scrappy heart ***


  1. Missed playing with you guys for the past few month. Can't wait to join your swap again, hope I make it on time.

  2. I am soo playing along next round!

  3. I hope I get in on the next round tooooooo!!!! The tags look so awesome, I am envious!!!
    Congrats to Junebugpins!!! Awesome Mini Kit!!!

    Hugs Patti

  4. I gave you a blog award! Stop by to pick it up!


  5. Congrats to Melissa. I cannot wait to see all my tags. Thank you, again Steff!

  6. OHHHHH Steph, you are awesome girl, love hearing from you. U ROCK honey U do an awesome job for us, and then adding a super gift as a bonus. Congrats Melissa.
    Happy special Valentines to you and Hubby
    XX :-)

  7. Sending Hugs from Fort Leonard Wood! I have had the best time participating in my first swap ever~
    Thank you for hosting....I've watched your swaps for over a happy I was able to jump in this one!
    Looking forward to April! :c)

  8. the tags look so colorful! Can't wait to see some of your new projects Steff!

  9. Great swap all of the tags were awsome. I can't wait until your next swap. Thanks!

  10. My friend Mystele, introduced me to your you tube and now I am here on your blog! You are amazingly talented!! Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to the next tag swap!


  11. Thanks for another great swap Stephanie! Count me in for April!!!