Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Wishes & Random Photos

{I love it... the best EVER birthday choc cake!!  made & decorated by the cutest boys & sweetest DH}
{on the candle positioning... yeah, I got boys!}

and holy smokes!! a special *THANK YOU* To all you wonderful super sweet scrappy friends:

Thank you so much for all the  birthday wishes, amazing handmade cards (blows my mind how gorgeous), and the beautiful gifts but most of all ...  you know it: thank you for your scrappy friendship!
You've touched my heart and I have to tell you.. getting older is easy-fun when I get to celebrate with all you on-line talented scrappy friends! :)


now.. for some random picture sharing..
lots of this and that.. but most fun recently is OOH SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! LOVE LOVE FLOWERS!! :)

I hope you and yours are doing great!!

Lots of love ...


{ok.. yeah, i have a thing for flowers}


  1. Happy birthday Stef, so sorry to be late ! I hope that my boys will do the same cake for mine ;)
    Have a nice day, hugs from france

  2. What a wonderful cake! What a sweet family to do that for you!
    Oh and I just LOVE that picture of the dog running! So funny and cute all at the same time!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Is that aheart-shaped bush?

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Steffer's.....OMGOSHES I think that CAKE is amazing...but most of all dear one..."you" are amazing....and everyone knows it and loves you for you just being you....hope your big day was spent with wellness and muany hugs and warmth from thoe kiddo's and the "hubby"...:o) Happy Brithday dear friend....may you see many more and be blessed in all ways to see them...
    Tater huggers....

  5. Beautiful pics! Love the cake and it's even better when loved loves make it! TFS your birthday and all the wonderful pics with us!

  6. yumm that cake looks soo delicious, looks like a big donut =)glad you had a fantastic day!

  7. Humm the cake look so good!!! Can I get a piece!!! hihihi,

    Your picture are all gorgeous, I really like the one of the dog running!

  8. AWESOME pictures, and that cake looks yummy, well done DAD and the BOYZ. Darn its Autumn here and you are comming into summer. You have an awesome time Steph. Love yah
    XX :-)

  9. Happy Birthday, Steff! Thank you for sharing some of your special moments with us!

    Big hugs,

  10. Happy Bday!! I so love that cake..arent boys amazingly funny!! I have 2 myself..16 and 20..and I still get a kick out of them!