Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prima Journal *Video* Tutorial I Promised... enjoy!!

Here's the VIDEO TUTORIAL creating a fast & super gorgeous Prima Journal!! 

I created this beautiful journal using Prima's "Fairy Belle" Collection (ahha thank you Jodie Lee!)
Your going to love how fast and super simple it is to create this fun little journal!!

*** GO GRAB A 12X12 Sheet of gorgeous Prima paper and follow along!!! ***

I hope you like it!! and ... I always love to see pictures of what you create .. so don't forget to email me!! :) ta-hee
Supplies you can use to create your magical journal:

Prima Marketing Fairy Belle Summer Dream Scrapbook Paper (I used this one)
Prima Marketing Fairy Belle Charme Rose Flowers
Prima Marketing Fairy Belle Charme Wood Buttons
Prima Marketing Fairy Belle Vinetta Flowers
Prima Marketing Fairy Belle Charme Rose Trim
Prima Marketing Fairy Belle Charme Chipboard Stickers (these would look great on cover!)
Prima Marketing Fairy Belle Charme Metal Charms


  1. Totally love this little journal!!!! Thank you so much for the video ~ makes the process look so much simpler than how the journal looks! I have to make one as soon as I can squeeze in some time! will send you the pics! LOVE LOVE LOVE your work Steff. Oh and the paper line you used was wonderful.

  2. Enjoyed this so are awesome!!! Thanks

  3. Wow Stephanie.
    I just love it and you make it look so good on the tutorial.
    I cannot wait to use some of my papers to do this.
    I have lots of Prima papers (cardstock really) that will work for this brilliantly.
    Thank you so much. Debbiexx

  4. Oh yeah, I'm going to make one! And I'll post a picture.:)

  5. Thanks for the great video, I can't wait to make one of these, it looks so easy to make but yet the end result is so pretty:)

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hug's!
    Monica L.

  6. So beautiful and quick. I love to listen to you talk. Your are so inspiring. You make everything sound so easy! Thank you! Going to do one now.

  7. love love love this! I see lots of these in my future!

  8. Fabulous teacher Steph
    Thank you for showing a really easy little album! I really go for these more than the complicated!
    Its faster & I can make and give more! lol
    Hugs Deni

  9. Great idea for a small project! Been a subscriber to your blog for a while. Always walk away feeling inspired. Thanks as always for sharing

  10. Love this, and I listened to you, I got my paper and already in the middle of one. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Love it !!! Love your enthusiasm just as much. You take the stress out of scrapping and make it fun again. Thanks.

  12. Wowww Steff, this is soooo beautiful, I love it!! Is it possible also specify in centimeters? I hope to hear from you.

    Hugs and have a nice day,

  13. So absolutely gorgeous. Cannot wait to have a go. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  14. Hi Steff,
    I made a journal with your tutorial. It was so easy and fun as you promised. Thank you so much.


    1. Yayyaya!!! Jane!!! I'm going to your blog now!! :) soo excited!! thanks for posting link!!

  15. Hi Stephanie!! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I'm making it right now!! I'll let you know when it's finished. Thanks again, Maiko

  16. Well just finished putting mine together - now I just need to embellish - thanks so much for inspiring me to just do it!!
    I'm going to fussy cut some large butterflies that are in the paper I used and use these for some embellishment and I'm going to try and figure out the closure that you have used - then it's completed.
    Again, thanks for your great video - so easy and quick to put together.

  17. Hi!! I just finished mine. Thank you for the great tutorial. I really had wonderful time to make it. Thank you so much.
    Here's the link to my video.


  18. Wow! This was a great tutorial! I made mine over the last few days. I LOVE it! Sorry, I can't do a video and I haven't taken any pics yet, but I'm sharing it with my scrapbooking group tomorrow. I'm going to make another one for my mom. It definitely was as easy as you demonstrated!

    Thanks so much!

  19. This is just what I needed for a gift for a frend. Thanks and so easy and it uses up sraps and such. What more can you ask for. Love your encouraging words while you scrap!

    Lisa T

  20. So fun! I've missed your tutorials. You do a great job and make it all look so easy.
    Thanks so much -

  21. Wow this is fantastic seen you on you tube, and have been digging out my scraps to give it a go, Thanks for the tut and have a great weekend.
    Chris x

  22. Great video! Thanks for this lovely mini album. I can't wait to do my own mini album :-)
    Judith Liron - Israel

  23. Made four of these little cuties as door prizes for a guild meeting. They went over really well. Thanks for the inspiration and the video.

  24. Stephanie thank you so much for tut I learened so much I love the fairy Belle paper I still dont have it but maybe soon

  25. Hello, what are the dimensions you need to do Jounal?
    I love your work.

  26. Hello =)
    I made a journal with your tutorial. It was so easy and fun as you promised. Thank you so much!!!!!

  27. Completely really like this little journal!!!! Thank you so much for it clip ~ creates the procedure look so much easier than how the publication looks! I have to create one as soon as I can press in some time! will deliver you the pics

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